More SNES Classics Are Coming to Stores This Week!

When Nintendo first debuted the NES Classic in November 2016, it flew off store shelves, so much so that retailers couldn’t keep up with the demand. That same trend continued when Nintendo started selling the SNES Classic last month. If you’re one of the unlucky many who haven’t been able to get their hands on the gray and purple retro box (or grey and rainbow colored, depending on where you live), you’re in luck!

Speaking to Polygon, a representative from Toys R Us confirmed that the store will be getting new shipments of the SNES Classic this Friday, October 27. The move is coming ahead of the release of Super Mario Odyssey and Nintendo is expecting to sell substantial quantities of both in addition to the Switch. GameStop also confirmed they’ll be receiving more units in the next two weeks as well.

“GameStop stores will be receiving limited supplies of SNES Classic systems over the next two weeks. Arrival dates will vary.”

The SNES Classic first went on sale in September and like its older NES Classic brother, it sold out in minutes both in pre-order sessions and when it hit retail. If you weren’t waiting in a line somewhere to get one, chances are your only option was grabbing a ridiculously overpriced version from scalpers on eBay, something Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aimé warned consumers to avoid doing while promising to "produce significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than [they] did of NES Classic Edition." It's difficult to gauge whether this is true or not given the same old story of a lack of supply.

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Nintendo has taken heat over their handling of both the NES and SNES Classic for this reason. They’ve been accused of intentionally under-stocking stores in an attempt to drive up sales and demand. The same shortage problems have plagued both Amiibos - Nintendo’s toy statue line - and the Switch. It’s a classic strategy, typically employed by the toy industry near the holidays, and it usually works wonders when handled well. The downside is that when people start to catch on to what’s happening, there is a backlash. And, of course, price gougers reselling the products online.

Since its launch at the end of the September, the SNES Classic has been hard to get a hold of. The fact that Nintendo is only now shipping out more units to stores is a worrying sign, especially if they’re only doing it because of the hype generated from Super Mario Odyssey. Still, it’s a good sign that more are coming out just before the holidays, which should make it just a little bit easier to get one when the inevitable holiday season restocking rolls around. Fingers crossed anyway.

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Source: Polygon

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