21Kirby's Dream Course

Kirby's Dream Course SNES

Of all the Kirby games released for SNES, Dream Course seems like an odd inclusion over the straight platformer Dream Land 3 or the puzzle game Kirby's Avalanche. The latter in particular would've been a great addition as puzzle games is one genre that the SNES Classic sorely


Perhaps it is because of Dream Course's absence from the Kirby Dream Collection for Wii that Nintendo wanted to include it here-- although Avalanche wasn't in that compilation either, and again, that would've been the better choice between the two.

It isn't that Dream Course is a bad game. In fact, it is pretty fun; a unique take on miniature golf featuring Kirby as the ball and his enemies as the "hazards." It's the closest thing to a non-racing sports game on SNES Classic, and for that reason alone Dream Course ends up being a worthy addition to the collection-- although it's also the weakest one by far.

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