'Sneaky Pete' Trailer: Giovanni Ribisi Is A Con Artist

The business of television pilots is a tricky one, and sometimes even sure things don’t make it through the hell that is network development and out the other side. Sneaky Pete, a show originally commissioned by Sony Pictures Television on behalf of CBS, is one of those shows. But thanks to Amazon, execs of the eye aren’t going to be the only ones to eventually see it.

Created by House creator David Shore and executive produced by Bryan Cranston (who also guest stars in the pilot), Sneaky Pete has officially been made a part of Amazon’s latest round of pilots that viewers will be able to vote on in the coming months. So, of course, the outlet just released its first trailer for the show (se above) to get people ready.

Here is the official synopsis for Sneaky Pete:

Sneaky Pete revolves around a con-man (Giovanni Ribisi) who, after leaving prison, takes cover from his past by assuming the identity of his cellmate, Pete. He moves in with Pete’s unsuspecting family and is roped into the family’s bail bond business. In order to keep the charade up, he plays the part of a skip tracer, taking down criminals worse than himself—and discovering a family life he’s never had.

Giovanni Ribisi in Sneaky Pete

There are a variety of reasons why CBS ultimately didn’t pick up Sneaky Pete, and they are reasons that will remain known only to it and Sony Pictures Television. However, they are reasons that don’t matter in the end as the pilot has found a home elsewhere, and in doing so, has proven just what kind of company Amazon is trying to be – that of a development savior – and it’s a great classification to have. (As long as it keeps rescuing good shows, that is.)

Hollywood is a town built on a foundation much like a YouTube comment thread. Everyone wants to be first, and every hates being the second guy in the chain. Because of this, it’s rare for a passed over pilot to move elsewhere because, if one network didn’t like it, why would another? This is the mentality of most executives. But, with the pick-up of Sneaky Pete, Amazon has now proven that it doesn’t care where its programming comes from as long as it’s good and calls Amazon home. That's a good policy for the company to have, at this juncture.

Sneaky Pete premieres this Friday on Amazon.

Source: Amazon

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