Sneaky Pete Season 3 Trailer: The Family That Cons Together Stays Together

Giovanni Ribisi in Sneaky Pete Season 3 Amazon

The con continues in the first trailer for season 3 of Amazon Prime Video’s Sneaky Pete. Hailing from Justified creator Graham Yost and Bryan Cranston, the con man dramedy began life as a potential CBS drama before being retooled to fit into Amazon’s original content strategy. The changes worked, as the series has gone on to become one of the streaming service’s best shows, even if it tends to fly more under the radar than it should. 

Nevertheless, Sneaky Pete is starting its third season with Giovanni Ribisi once again in the role as Marius Josipovic, an expert con man with MacGyver-like skills when it comes to setting up and pulling off the perfect confidence scheme. He’s so good it seems as though his only weakness is a growing fondness for the estranged family of Pete Murphy, the man he’s masquerading as. That family is the heart and soul of the series with actors like Margo Martindale, Marin Ireland, Peter Gerety, Libe Barer, and Shane McRae.  

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The pull of the Murphy clan and the pull of the life of crime Pete (Marius) can’t seem to leave behind has been one of the show’s central tensions over the past two seasons. The truth of Marius’s ruse threatening the lives of everyone he holds dear, including his brother Eddie (Michael Drayer) and frequent partner in crime, Marjorie (Alison Wright, The Americans), the longer the series goes on the more fraught its lead character’s circumstances. Check out the trailer for Sneaky Pete season 3 below: 

The third season introduces a new threat to the long con, in the form of a woman from Marius’s past, Mary Elizabeth DeLaurentis (Efrat Dor), or “Lizzy” as Marjorie refers to her. It sounds as though she and Marius have a complicated past, one that had him calling on one of his closest friends to prevent him from getting back together with her. From what can be gleaned from the trailer, it sounds as though Lizzy’s back to collect on an old debt. 

That will undoubtedly make for a compelling story in season 3, as Sneaky Pete continues to deliver the goods by balancing threats from Marius’s past with whatever he’s hoping to achieve with his present as Pete. And just for an added bonus, the season will feature one of the last onscreen performances by sleight of hand master Ricky Jay, as the new trailer makes plainly evident. 

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Sneaky Pete season 3 premieres Friday May 10 on Amazon Prime Video.

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