Sneaky Pete: 10 Questions That Will Never Get Answered Now That It's Cancelled

Sneaky Pete, co-created by none other than Bryan Cranston, was a fun crime caper, filled with twists and turns at every direction and characters that felt real and authentic. The premise, in which a con man lies his way into a suburban Connecticut family, was a strange one, but it often played out in surprising ways. When we last saw these characters at the end of season three, they were currently in California after a rather horrific ordeal, in which one of the characters had been kidnapped and held for ransom.

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Soon after the season ended, though, with fans wondering about a season four, Amazon let us know the unfortunate news: Sneaky Pete had been canceled. So while the show did end with a small amount of closure, we still have lingering questions about the future. Here are 10 of the most pressing questions that we still have about Sneaky Pete.

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10 What Will Happen To Julia?

One of the major events to happen in episode one of season three was that Julia had been arrested for her involvement in a criminal cover-up that happened during season two. Though she now knows who "Pete" really is, she unwittingly gets involved with Marius once again in order to make money that she could use to hire a lawyer. And also, of course, to double-cross Marius and turn him into the authorities.

At the end of the season, though, it's still unknown what will happen to Julia. Marius gives her some of the diamonds that he had palmed after dumping the bag in the water, which he said could be used to hire a good lawyer. But without seeing how the court case will go, we won't know what actually happens to Julia. Hopefully, she gets acquitted, as Julia was always one of the more moral characters of the show.

9 Will Audrey & Otto Be Able To Get Back Lizzie's Bail?

It was one of the many plot threads running through season three of Sneaky Pete. Lizzie, who we know is working with Marius on a con involving wine, is questioning where Marius's loyalties lie. Is it with her, or with the Bernhardt family? So, she takes out a bail bond on herself, getting the Bernhardts to pay it before subsequently running away to California.

Now, at the end of the series, it appears that Lizzie has run off with the diamonds that she had acquired after their con. So then, where does that leave the Bernhardts with their bail bond business? They need $250,000, or their business will be closed down. Perhaps Julia can share some of those diamonds with them that she was going to use to pay for a lawyer.

8 What Happened To The Real Pete?

In season three of Sneaky Pete, we see the real Pete pop up once again, this time working alongside Julia to set up the painting con. He moves on from here to helping out Marius with his other con, that of acquiring fake expensive wine, before partying and passing out in a bathtub. Marius then tells him to move on, since he might not be cut out for this. We don't see him for the remainder of the episode.

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Pete is a con man of his own, though. Even though he disappears, we know that it's likely he would have come up somewhere down the line. After all, Marius is still standing in for him, which prevents the real Pete from having a substantial relationship with his family. There's no way he would've just let that slide after everything they had been through.

7 Is That Really The End Of The Story With Lila?

Much of season three, in addition to the cons, involved the story of Julia, Taylor, and Carly's parents. Carly had been doing research, and she discovered that her mom might actually have survived the car crash that killed her father. From there, her trail takes her to California, where Lila supposedly lived with her grandfather for a time before stealing money from a boyfriend and going into hiding.

In season three, they had discovered the true identity of their supposed mother: her sister Maggie. Maggie had been hiding out in California, using her deceased sister's identity to get by. But is that the end of the story? It seemed to be a lot of buildup for an anticlimactic reveal. Could Lila really still be alive, or was it Maggie all along?

6 Will Taylor Be A Police Officer Again?

Taylor tended to be the most scattershot member of the Bowmans. Though always looking out for his family, he also tended to let his temper get the best of him, leading to fights and other struggles. What it led to in season three was him losing his badge, followed by a confrontation with the person who had stolen it. He then actually lost his badge and was suspended from the force.

Toward the end of the season, Taylor had traveled out to California with Otto to help his family out and had done his part to help save Julia after she was kidnapped. Yet, as the credits roll, we still don't know his future status. Will he rejoin the force in Connecticut? Or stay out in California? Also, what's his status with his latest fling back home?

5 What Happened To Chuck?

We could almost tell immediately that Chuck was a bad guy. His good looks and lack of empathy just seemed to show it right off the bat. He was involved with the kidnapping of Julia, in addition to the attempted extortion of a million dollars from the family. He had also teamed up with Lizzie, who basically seemed to get involved with him as a way of getting back at Marius.

Otto, Audrey, Pete, Taylor, and Carly showed up at the warehouse in the last episode of Sneaky Pete in order to pay Julia's ransom, yet they had also called the police. What results is a sort of standoff, which we don't actually see since we follow Marius out to where Lizzie had taken the car containing Julia. We see the family all together at the end of the episode, so presumably, nothing too bad happens to them.

4 Will Lizzie Return?

Lizzie, as mentioned earlier, was one of the more devious characters of season three. She shows up with a con for Marius, and it is clear that the two have a history together based on their interactions. They then embark on a newly-created con: that of convincing wine connoisseurs to purchase fake high-end wine. When we last saw her, she had turned against Marius, and now that Marius clearly had the family's interests at heart instead of the money, it was clear that they were on opposite sides.

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But with a character so sly, it's unlikely that's the last we would've seen of Lizzie. She must still harbor some resentment towards Marius for turning against her, and also for stealing several of the diamonds that he gave to Julia. Also, as we know, there is still a bail that she owes to the Bernhardts.

3 What Happened With Vignetti?

It's a plotline that happened as a result of an unfortunate instance: the passing of Ricky Jay, who plays Vignetti. After his untimely passing, the writers were forced to rewrite the ending of the show, which results in Vignetti choosing to give the real painting back to the museum rather than keep it for himself.

Yet, earlier on, Marius and Lizzie had been discussing that they should set up Vignetti as the elusive Sy Rubinek, showing that they were planning a double con because, of course, things can't just be simple. Plus, Vignetti had always been talking about being his own man by taking the money for himself, so giving back the painting doesn't seem aligned with that.

2 Will The Bowmans/Bernhardts Ever Discover The Truth About Marius?

It's the secret that has held the series together for three seasons so far, however far-fetched it seemed to be even after season one. Yet Marius, ever the con man, finds a way to make his secret stick, even when certain characters, such as Pete's actual mom in season two and now Julia in season three, know the truth.

In the last heartfelt scene of Sneaky Pete season three, it looked like Marius was finally about to tell the Bernhardts the truth. But Otto, at the last moment, ultimately stopped him from saying what he was about to say, claiming that "it doesn't matter, you're family." Marius has truly come to care for this family at this point and realizes that they care for him. But if they knew the truth, they might not feel the same. Unless the series is picked up by another network, we might never know what happens.

1 Is Marius Fully Changed Now?

When Bryan Cranston co-created Sneaky Pete, one of the purposes he wanted to focus on throughout the course of the show was whether he could basically do the opposite of Breaking Bad: in this case, turn a bad person into a good one. The progress has been seen over the course of the show, starting when Marius basically uses the family at the start, to showing that he at least cares about them in season two, to finally putting their interests before his own in season three.

The last shot of the season is Marius walking into the sunset, his outline now hazy, almost like an iconic Western hero. That can't be the end, though. Not only does the majority of the family still not know the truth about his identity, but he also might not be fully changed. After all, even though he did do some good deeds, he is a con man at heart. Unfortunately, we may never get to see the full transformation.

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