Have You Seen The Snake Outta Compton Trailer?

The trailer for Snake Outta Compton promises one of the silliest movies in recent memory. Such silly monster mashes have become sort of their own sub-industry in the last decade or so, thanks to the rise of mockbuster producers The Asylum, and the success of Syfy original movies like Sharknado and its sequels. While sharks are probably the most common oversized animal to serve as the antagonists of these films, snakes are right up there on the list, courtesy of ridiculously titled films like Snakes on a Train and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

Directed and co-written by Hank Braxtan - who is inexplicably but one of five writers credited with contributing to the script - Snake Outta Compton ostensibly has a plot, but honestly, said plot really doesn't matter much. Anyone sitting down to watch a film titled Snake Outta Compton is likely doing so in hopes of seeing two things: a snake, and Compton being terrorized by that snake. For the record though, Snake Outta Compton pits a rap group on the verge of being signed against the titular giant mutant creature.

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The full, deliriously wacky trailer for Snake Outta Compton can be seen above, featuring some of the worst CGI effects this side of Birdemic. At least it looks like the giant snake gets up to a good amount of action, as one of the commonly stated problems with this type of film is spending too much time with the human characters when viewers are there to see the monster wreak havoc. Fear not though, as Snake Outta Compton also looks to include heaping helpings of groan-worthy jokes as well.

That said, the above isn't intended to be an indictment of Snake Outta Compton. Films like this definitely have their place in the entertainment landscape, and often play to a receptive audience. Sometimes one just isn't in the mood for an Oscar-caliber drama, or even a big-budget action blockbuster. Sometimes one just wants to sit back with a snack and a drink and take in a movie intended to do nothing more than to provide cheap, disposable thrills and laughs. After all, life is hard, and laughing is fun.

Surprisingly enough, The Asylum actually isn't the company responsible for this film, as it certainly seems right up there alley. Snake Outta Compton instead hails from a company called Automatic Entertainment, who appear to be trying to stake their claim to a similar audience. One wonders what even crazier snake film The Asylum might eventually strike back with.

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Snake Outta Compton is still seeking distribution, but hopes to be released in summer 2018.

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