First Smurf Movie Details Escape The Forest

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Early details from The Smurfs, the big screen adaptation of the 80s Saturday morning cartoon show, have begun to escape the impenetrable fortress of information, Smurf Village, also known as Sony Pictures.

SpoilerTV has posted an exclusive casting call for two lead roles in the upcoming Smurfs live action film:

[GRACE] 26 - 35 years old... a first-time expectant mother, she's faced with juggling both an overworked husband and, ultimately, a household full of Smurfs. Should be lovely, maternal and have good comedic energy.sptv050769..MAJOR SUPPORTING ROLE.

[ODILE] Late 20's to mid-40's... Foreign: European (French, Spanish, Italian), British, Latin American, French Canadian, etc. A beautiful, charming (when she wants to be), high-powered executive. She runs a high-end French cosmetics company. Strong comedic ability essential. MAJOR SUPPORTING ROLE.

The roles definitely point to the notion that movie-going audiences won't be spending much time inside forest mushroom huts, and will likely be spending a greater percentage of the film watching as the Smurfs cause mischief in our modern world.

I don't understand why screenwriters tend to position eighties cartoon adaptations in "the real world." The whole point of children's cartoons is to escape into magical fantasy lands, outside the confines of a child's daily routine, encouraging them to use imagination - something sorely lacking in most of these cartoon-to-film adaptations.

The casting of an "executive" type character, is especially troubling. It seems likely The Smurfs film is on the same slapstick nonsense ride that produced two terrible Alvin and the Chipmunks films (not to mention compromised our normally enthusiastic feelings about David Cross). What's next? The Gummi Bears are ripped from Gummi Glen and forced by a dastardly executive to play in the NBA?

On the other hand, Raja Gosnell is still attached to the project, which gives us a bit of hope that The Smurfs will follow closer to the approach Gosnell took in the first Scooby Doo film (which at least captured some of the Scooby Doo essentials). Of course, that's like saying we hope for a mild car-crash instead of a full train-wreck.

Don't expect Smurf Village to be ready for the holidays. Sony Pictures has pushed the film back to July 29, 2011, sparing the film from a David vs. Goliath (or Smurf vs. Gargamel) sized showdown against Yogi Bear, Tron Legacy, and Seth Rogen's The Green Hornet which are scheduled for December 2010.

What do you think about the Smurfs leaving Smurf Village in favor of invading your neighborhood?

Source: SpoilerTV and UGO

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