Smash Bros Creator: Ultimate DLC Part of Honoring Iwata's Legacy

Smash Bros Ultimate Iwata Tribute

The creator of the Super Smash Bros franchise has stated plans to honor the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata by putting his all into the DLC for Smash Ultimate. Of course, the latest Smash Bros game has been a phenomenal success for Nintendo so far, generating more cash as a platform exclusive than the previous record-holder Halo: Reach. It's no surprise then that Nintendo has plans in place to keep creating post-launch content for the ever-green success.

The most recent character reveal for Smash Bros Ultimate is Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury fame. There's one more character that will close out the current Fighters Pass after Terry's arrival in November. After this, more fighters will be added as part of the company's plan for ongoing content drops. While the Smash community continues to speculate on who will be added in the future, it's clear the the effort being put into bringing these characters to life is of the highest possible caliber. As we've now learned, there's a reason for that.

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The creator of the Smash Bros series and current overseer of Ultimate , Masahiro Sakurai, recently opened up about the effort he's put into the game thus far. After winning several major awards for Smash Ultimate during The Japan Game Awards, Sakurai stated that the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's last mission for him was to make this game. As a result, Sakurai has put his all into the game and plans to continue doing so for the title's ongoing DLC (via PushDustin).

It's no wonder that Sakurai holds such high regard for the late Iwata, as they both worked closely together at HAL on several projects. Iwata even encouraged Sakurai to pursue his idea for the platform fighter that would later become Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64. In that light, it's clear why Iwata always felt as if Sakurai was the right man to continue on as the head of the Smash Bros franchise.

Just what shape Sakurai's work will take remains to be seen. We do know based on comments made recently that the likes of Iron Man and Goku will not be coming to Smash Bros Ultimate. Instead, the focus for DLC will remain solely on video game characters and franchises. This still leaves plenty of possibilities for fans to look forward–like Overwatch's Tracer joining Smash Ultimate–but only time will tell what Nintendo and Sakurai have planned.

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Source: PushDustin - Twitter

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