Smallville Women: Ranking Season 7 Babes

I have to apologize for the slowdown in posts lately - I was off to Comic-Con which I combined with a family vacation last week and a half plus I have a bunch of projects going on right now including a redesign of Screen Rant. I thought instead of the usual serious, critical posts I'd do something a bit more fun.

Like ranking the women (ok, hotties) of Smallville's seventh and final season. :-)

Smallville started out with basically one babe: Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang. Allison Mack has been there from the start, but they really started her out more as a wallflower than as a contender in the hot babe category. Obviously that has changed and the continuously plunging neckline on her outfits from season to season is evidence of that. No complaints here, mind you.

Then they brought on Erica Durance as Lois Lane and found a way to put her in a bikini in one episode and make her a pole-dancing stripper in another. For season 7 it looks like the producers are trying to top themselves again by bringing in Laura Vandervoort to play Clark Kent's cousin: Supergirl.

So without further delay, here is my ranking of the women of Smallville:

#4 - Erica Durance / Lois Lane

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Now don't get me wrong - I like Erica as Lois Lane... she portrays a great woman with a strong personality and awesome self-confidence and just because she's at the bottom of the list doesn't make her a loser. After all, all the girls in this list are beautiful. I just think that of the four, she comes across on the show as the least feminine, and that makes her a bit less sexy than the others.

#3 - Allison Mack / Chloe Sullivan

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Ah, Chloe, the fan favorite. If you'll pardon the term, Allison has really blossomed on the show. As a character they've given her more and more self-confidence and self-assurance on the series from year to year plus it seems that at first she didn't care so much how she looked. But in the last couple of seasons she's come into her own and is very cute in that "hot girl's best friend" kind of way. :-)

#2 - Lana Lang / Kristen Kreuk

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Up until this season, Kristen was the reigning queen on the show when it came to pure sexiness, although over the last season she's declined somewhat in that regard with Chloe nipping at her heels. Why? Because she now almost comes across as an abused spouse and there's nothing sexy about that. Still, there are moments when her beauty shines like a beacon on the show.

#1 - Laura Vandervoort / Kara

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And despite the fact I haven't yet seen Laura Vandervoort on camera, just based on the publicity shots that have been released I believe we have a new, and clear cut winner for hottest babe on Smallville. She is just incredibly gorgeous and I have no doubt that there will be some jealousy on the part of the other female leads on the show written into the episodes, at least at first.

So that's how I rank the ladies of Smallville for season seven. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Am I off my rocker? Share your opinions!

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