Will Michael Rosenbaum Return To Smallville?

This Thursday the long awaited return of Smallville graces us with the continuation of Chloe's disaster of a wedding, never mind her possession by Brainiac.

We've told you about the 9th season of Smallville and Tom Welling's negotiations.  In my search for news, I came across some bits on Michael Rosenbaum and his desire for hair (it will all make sense in a moment).

From comedy sketches called the Amsterdam Kids on Conan O'Brien and doing voice-over work for Trojan condoms and Magnavox, he's come a long way.  Since Smallville, he's done a few projects in the form of voice work for a few episodes of PG Porn and Batman: The Brave and The Bold.

But in an interview with an old friend of his at The Windy City Times, he got to talking about any possible return to Smallville after doing seven seasons as the classic nemesis of Clark Kent - the insidious Lex Luthor.

Rosenbaum's take on the idea of returning to the show had a few requirements, if it even is remotely possible.  He says they asked him a few times if he'd like to come back but he felt his role had run its course.  But if he were to ponder the idea of returning, he'd come back

  • For just the final few episodes of the show
  • Insist on wanting to wear a bald cap.

Yea, you read right - a bald cap.  He's kind of had it shaving his head for seven years after finally getting all his hair back and doesn't want to do that any more.  He said that he had to get to the set 2 hours before everyone else so his makeup girl could cut his hair that was always struggling to grow back.

Can ya blame him?

So from what we can see here, there is a slight chance that we just might see the man himself, Rosenbaum, instead of body doubles.

Until then, let's enjoy the Smallville ride for the rest of this season!

Image:  IMDB

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