Smallville: 10 Things Superman Was Probably Up To Before Crisis Crossover

From marriage to training Superboy, what's Clark Kent been up to between Smallville and Crisis On Infinite Earths?

Since announcing Tom Welling would reprise his role as Clark Kent/Superman in the Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse crossover, Superman fans have been able to rejoice at the thought of seeing the man who started it all once again grace the small screen. Since the show's finale in 2011,  the critically acclaimed comics Smallville have filled us in as to Clark's life after the Smallville Finale.

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It is unclear whether or not the stories in the comics will be canon to Superman in the crossover so one can only speculate what he’s been up to since 2011. Here are 10 theories as to what Smallville’s Clark has been up to since becoming Superman.

10 Gaining the Public’s Trust

Fans of Smallville know it followed Clark in his teen years to his young adulthood, where he was learning to use his powers but living in secret, for fear of the world knowing he was an alien. In the Smallville comic, which takes place six months after the finale, Clark deals with what he feared most, people scared of his power. Even though he spent time as the Blur, saving people in Metropolis, they still weren't used to seeing a flying man with immense power. Luckily for Clark, it didn't take long for Metropolis to take to him and consider him the hero we all know and love today.

9 Marriage to Lois Lane

Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Clark Kent and Lois Lane in Smallville

Much of Season 10 teased that Lios and Clark would get married, but as always, Clark was preoccupied saving the world from destruction. As we all know, Lois and Clark's relationship is legendary in the comic book world and as soon as she was introduced into the show everyone knew where it was headed. It was teased on the final episode of the finale as well as an episode where Clark travels to the future and sees his destiny with Lois Lane. Lois, played by Erica Durance, is also making her comeback in the crossover so it's safe to say she will definitely have a wedding ring to fight alongside her Super husband.

8 Rivalry with Lex unfolds

Smallville Clark and Lex Luthor

Another legendary Superman character, played perfectly by Michael Rosenbaum, starts off as Clark's best friend before folding and becoming the villain and thorn on Superman's side. As we all know, in the show Lex is presumed dead after an explosion but once again makes an appearance as a partly amnesic clone, sworn to take down Superman.

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We saw glimpses of their rivalry several times in the show but in the eight years of Superman's reign, Lex has found new ways of tormenting the Man Of Steel, even teaming up with him on some occasions.

7 Relationship with the Dark Knight

Everybody knows Batman and Superman have a troubled relationship, due mostly to their approach to dealing with justice. With both being founders of the Justice League, they were bound to meet at one point and in the comics, it seems they meet and battle it out before coming to an agreement to take down the bad guys. Like always, Batman is seen as mysterious and tough, clashing with Clark's moral compass and frustrating Clark with his intensifying methods. Unlike his relationship with the Green Arrow, Clark has to grit his teeth and find common ground with the Dark Knight to get the job done.

6 The founding of the Justice League

The show teased a Justice League for a long time, with appearances from the Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and even Martian Manhunter. We saw all these characters when they were just starting out, just like Superman. The comics solidify the theory with Clark meeting the Dark Knight and Wonder Woman, the two last founders needed to form the Justice League.

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So it is no doubt they formed it at some point before the Crisis crossover. Although we probably won't see the team in the crossover, we can rest assured that the League is keeping the Smallville universe safe.

5 Saving the Earth (Multiple times)

This one's a given. With a powerful being like Superman flying the skies of Metropolis, he's bound to have other powerful beings threaten to destroy his home. We've already seen villains like Darkseid, Doomsday, and Zod, so who's to say we don't see them again at some point in his eight years as Superman. Each villain with epic battles and ground shaking punches. Clark makes a living protecting the earth, showing his ability several times in contemporary comics, Smallville comics, and the show. No doubt he can be a huge help in the upcoming Crisis along with his fellow Supermen.

4 Training his Prodigy

Superboy in Smallville

We've seen Superboy in the show before. Played by Lucas Grabeel, we meet Conner Kent after he discovers he is a clone of Lex and Clark and struggles to find his moral compass after being influenced by Lex. The episode ends with him starting a relationship with Clark where he takes him on as a big brother and agrees to teach him how to use his powers and enroll him in school. The show's writers took a lot of influence from the comics in his origin so it's safe to say they also took the curse Superboy has to live with and that's his inability to age. We see Superboy eight years later still looking like a teenager and still being trained by the Man of Steel to help him keep the world safe.

3 Back to the Future

The comics have a beloved character make his return when Clark meets Booster Gold for the second time and this time, they go to the future. Similar to the comics, Superman helps the Legion fight crime in the 31st century alongside his cousin as they discover the last of Krypton, Argo City. As mentioned in the show, Clark is a legend in the future, with many heroes taking his lead and being inspired by the man of Steel. This sets up Clark for the future and the future of his comics. Just another lesson Clark has learned and another reason he can be a big help in the crossover.

2 Argo City

Argo City is the last remaining part of Krypton that survived the annihilation of the planet after Brainiac shrunk and took the city as a souvenir of his conquests. In the same comic Clark goes to the future he discovers that some of his home planet is still alive and for the first time since meeting Kara and Zod, he's meeting Kryptonians. Although its unlikely he had the same experience as Earth 38's Superman who thrived and even conceived a child in the city, it's still safe to say Argo holds a close place in Clark's heart as they are the last of his people.

1 Preparing for the Crisis

One of the biggest stories that surrounded the comics was Clark and the company dealing with their own world eating Monitors and being able to barely defeat them. As a Superman with experience taking on Monitors and facing the destruction of his universe, he's more than equipped to help with the upcoming Crisis and might even have a suggestion or two when it comes to dealing with the Monitor. With over eight years of experience as Superman and a lifetime of experience with his powers, his role in the crossover shouldn't be a small one.

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