Smallville: First Look at Lex Luthor; Superman Suit Returns

Smallville - Superman Suit

Today, Smallville fans were greeted with two great teasers that represent the past perils and future destiny of Clark Kent: Lex Luthor and the Superman Suit.

In double-hitter coming out the day of the highly-anticipated Geoff Johns episode of Smallville, TV Line kicked things off with a Smallville series finale teaser trailer that shows the long-awaited return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor.

With a myriad of flashes, quick glimpses, and the voice - Rosenbaum is unmistakable. As the pacing slowly steadies itself, the image that Smallville fans have been waiting for is clearly visible: Lex Luthor has returned.

Speaking on Rosenbaum's return, Tom Welling said:

"[It] “was absolutely fantastic, because it was like he never left. We jumped right back into it.”

Of course, including Rosenbaum in the Smallville series finale wasn’t all that easy. Says Rosenbaum:

“I called them up on like a Friday, saying: ‘Look, I want to do this, but I’ve got to film this other thing [Fox's Breaking In] — so I’m coming up [to Vancouver] next Thursday.’ And they started writing!”

In this instance, the writing that Rosenbaum was talking about was regarding the Smallville series finale - something that executive producer Kelly Souders said they had already begun doing:

“We had already started breaking the finale. But it was pretty easy and seamless to rev up that story faster. It’s Lex!”

You can check out the Lex Luthor teaser below:


Adding to the goose bumps that you received from the Lex Luthor teaser, images from the May 6 episode of Smallville, entitled ‘Prophecy,” were released. Like the title suggests, the episode will be all about Clark’s destiny – and you can’t talk about Clark’s destiny without the Superman suit.

Even though the Smallville season 10 premiere showed a quick glimpse of the Superman suit, this is the first time that fans get a clear shot of the suit hanging in the fortress. Considering this is the exact same suit that was used in Superman Returns, there’s not much to say, regarding its look.

Although, I have to admit that the closer we are to the Smallville series, I am a bit worried about what Welling will look like in full Superman garb. Even though history has shown that Smallville knows how to make superhero costumes look great, I’m still a bit nervous about how Superman will actually look.

Hopefully that nervousness will dissipate with the airing of "Prophecy" on May 6.

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Smallville airs Fridays @8pm on The CW

Source: TV Line, Comics Continuum [via Think Hero]

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