John Schneider Returning For 'Smallville' Series Finale

Jonathan Schneider - Smallville Series Finale

You can now add one more Smallville cast member to the list of those returning for the Smallville series finale, as it has been revealed that John Schneider will reprise the role of Jonathan Kent one final time.

While the details of Schneider’s return has yet to be revealed, the simple fact that Jonathan Kent is dead only leaves so many options open. With Darkseid's recent fondness for graveyards and tombstones, it wouldn’t be any surprise if the physical form Jonathan Kent came back with Darseid sitting  in the so-called “driver’s seat.”

Of course, with the Smallville series finale likely being the transformational episode where Clark finally becomes Superman, one might expect Jonathan to show up and provide his son with some encouraging words – with the help of Jor-El. Like the Smallville season 10 premiere evidenced, Jonathan came back to Clark while he was dying on the streets of Metropolis and gave him a message from the Kryptonian patriarch.

Perhaps the battle between Clark and Darkseid, or Clark and Lex Luthor will drive the (hopefully) flying superhero to the brink of death. In that moment, it’s logical that Jonathan would be able to return – perhaps with Jor-El in tow – and help coax Superman (yes, I said it) back to life.

Speaking with Starkville House of El last month before the series finale taping, John Schneider talked about how he’d like to see finale appearance unfold:

I still feel it needs to end with Jonathan sending him off once and for all. Or Jonathan and Jor-El together (like) Yoda and Obi-Wan. Like I said, not sure how it’s going to play out but I feel strongly that Jonathan should be there in the end to see Superman.

We’ll have to wait a couple months before we find out whether or not Schneider’s wishes will be fulfilled, but at least we now know that the Smallville series finale is going to incorporate as many former cast members as possible – except Lana Lang (Kristin Kruek).


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Source: Starkville House of El

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