'Smallville' Series Finale Clips - Lex Speaks & Lois Gets Wedding Jitters

Smallville Superman Suit

This Friday, the event that fans have been waiting for will happen in the Smallville series finale: Clark will become Superman. Of course, with a two-hour final episode, viewers can expect to see more than just blue tights and some (hopefully) high-flying action.

With Michael Rosenbaum making his return to Smallville, Lex Luthor may very well be the person that stands in the way of Clark fulfilling his destiny. Donning a familiar look of many Superman comics, Lex Luthor will be returning with a single-gloved hand.

Although, after checking out the Lex Luthor preview video (see below), it appears that our favorite proverbial aristocrat is more beat up than fans originally thought. With scars present all around his body, somehow Lex Luthor has returned.


Smallville - Be Evil Preview

While Lex Luthor’s preview clip only slightly hints at the physical trauma that Lex went through, hopefully there’s enough time in the two-hour Smallville series finale for them to delve into what exactly Lex has been enduring for these past few years. Of course, that request comes with a “no kryptonite infection like Lana” clause.

Considering this is the final episode of Smallville, not everything can be about Superman, Lex Luthor and Darkseid – there has to be some kind of emotional conclusion. Now that Lois (Erica Durance) officially has the blessing of Jor-El, the wedding of Lois and Clark (Tom Welling) can occur. Unfortunately, things may not play out the way fans would hope.

In the second clip from the finale (see below), Lois appears to be having doubts about what role she can play in Clark’s life. Even though our Smallville series finale spoilers article somewhat revealed what actually happens in regards to Lois and Clark, this clip taken from the first-half of the finale is a sign of things to come.


Smallville - Finale Clip


Last week’s episode of Smallville certainly raised the bar, but will the series finale be able to wrap everything up AND satisfy the fans who have spent 10 years watching this show? Two-hours may seem like a long time, but with commercials and certain integral scenes taking up large chucks of the finale, that doesn’t exactly leave much time to wrap up any loose ends.

Of course, after seeing Clark fly off as Superman, I doubt that anyone will care.


The Smallville series finale airs this Fridays @8pm on The CW

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