Smallville Season Six Premiere

So the next to last season (as far as I know) is off and running. I really thought this was kind of a throwaway episode, which is a bummer considering what a cliffhanger the season five finale was. Overall I was pretty disappointed, although I think the season as a whole holds some promise.

I don't want to get into any spoilers here, but of COURSE Clark escapes from the Phantom Zone (which turned out to be more than just a crystal flying through space). However the way in which he escapes was pretty weak in my opinion. Actually it was extremely weak... and then the way that Zod is defeated... yup, you guessed it: weak.

At the very least I was hoping that considering the fact that Lex/Zod explained to Lana about Krypton and the like that at least we would FINALLY have Lana find out about Clark's powers. But no, in the most cliche'd way you'd expect, she conveniently gets knocked out just as Clark appears on the scene. I really couldn't believe that the writers actually wrote that. Yeesh.

Anyway, at least at the end of the episode we see that this season will be headed in a different direction, with Clark struggling with the fact that he is running out of people to turn to that he can really confide in.

Personally I think that the writers painted themselves into such a tight corner with the previous season finale that they had to really stretch to write themselves out of it.

Oh well... here's hoping that the season gets better and that Clark finally gets a hang of the darned flying thing.

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