Smallville Season Finale: Everybody Dies

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Ok, not everybody, but geez... Smallville is one of my favorite shows, but even it has to resort to extremes for the sake of the "killer cliffhanger season finale".

The bummer is that unlike a show like Fox's 24, where you never know who they might kill off, you can be 99% sure that anyone who is a regular and is in danger is going to survive quite nicely, thank you. Call it the "Star Trek Syndrome": If you're a crewman we've never or barely seen before, be prepared for that last paycheck. If you're a regular, it doesn't matter if you're turned into a prehistoric creature... your DNA can be reversed and you'll be restored back to your happy little self.

Kind of takes the drama out of it, ya know?

I say that:

- Jonathon is just knocked out.

- Lex will get to a phone to dial 911 or someone will walk in (although nobody seems to be handy at the moment).

- Chloe.... I predict that I will be very annoyed with her return, since I saw her walk into the house about one second before it exploded. Viewing frame by frame on my Dish PVR I could see the explosion engulf her. How the heck does she survive THAT?

As far as Lionel Luther, what an amazingly evil character. Getting his head shaved.... does he become Lex through some experiment? In a way that would be cool, but then it invalidates all the time spent on developing the Clark/Lex relationship.

The actress who portrayed Kara... did the director insist that she act badly?

I hope the writers have something really creative up their sleeves for this one...

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