Is Smallville Season 9 Vaporware?

We've been reporting for some time now that Smallville was slated to run an end game in Season 8, making it their final season. Season 8 is moving along pretty well so far and as in some rare scenarios, the success of a final season can sometimes change the minds of network execs.

Face it, cash cows are hard to let go of sometimes.

Rumors or hopes have been floating around the internet that some folks would like to see the show continued. Some fans want to see a spin-off into a Green Arrow series, others want to see Batman and Wonder Woman breeze through the 9th season or various other scenarios.

Of course we've all heard the news on how The CW is panhandling the DC universe to the max, hoping to extend its cash cow potential with an origin show of Dick Grayson called The Graysons.  So far, no one I know is too enthused about this weak premise. But it is what it is and they will either create such a compelling show that we'll like it, or we'll be sending them lots of nasty letters in robin's-egg-blue colored envelopes. Heh... not that I'm suggesting anything.

In the meantime, an offshoot site of the well known KryptonSite, got themselves a note from Smallville's executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders where they intimate the possibility of a Smallville Season 9.

Yep, you read right. A 9th season.

They said that they are very committed to creating an origins story of Dick Grayson and they are equally committed to continuing the success of Smallville - seasons 8 and 9.

Right after that statement, they toss out that they are working on a story for Clark that allows for seasons of further trials and adventures.  Ah, folks, you just brought in Doomsday (the character who in the comics killed Superman).  I halfheartedly expect the show to end with Doomsday.  But that's just me.

So they got me to wondering and away I went, scouring the web and getting all tangled up in searches. And what did I find?

First off, they'll have to juggle schedules since Erica Durance (Lois Lane) has at least two projects coming up, and Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen) has some upcoming work as well. Justin Hartley has two projects done and coming out, so I can surmise the possibility of future employment for him. Otherwise, the majority of the staff is free... for now.

Here's my own predicament: I've seen a post that says: "The President of the CW Network has stated that Season 8 might not be the last season for Smallville" but their reference link does not point to anything that substantiates that statement.

In an interview over on with Brian Wayne Peterson and Kelly Souders (two of the executive producers), they said that they and the cast would love a season 9 but are prepared to write an end story arc for the last several episodes of a season, if given enough of a heads up to be able to do it.

For me, I feel like I've just been tossed a red herring.

Not once have I seen a statement saying that season 9 is approved, hinted at, a go, nothing.  It's as if I was talking about winning the lottery, as if it's going to happen.  I feel like it's a hopeful statement by the creative team of Smallville and nothing more.  I came across one of the many Smallville bulletin boards out there, and almost to a tee, the sentiment on a 9th season is... let me paraphrase: "Noooo!"

Heck while the creative team keeps dropping bread crumbs about another season, some wonder if the CW is even going to around for another season itself. It probably will with shows like 90210 and such keeping it afloat.

Am I off the mark on this one, or am I just being my usual dour, suspicious self? What are your thoughts on the matter?

Sources:, KryptonSite

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