Smallville Season 9 Trailer [Updated]

Smallville fevers continues to run high this week. Already we've gotten a first look at Brian Austin Green as Metallo and then word on which actors would be playing the Wonder Twins. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, now we have the official promo trailer for Smallville's upcoming 9th season, featuring a look at the "Dark Superman" uniform.

If you're one of those Smallville fans that has been patiently waiting eight seasons for the show to kick into super-powered high gear than you are at the end of your wait! Take a look:



I've never really gotten into Smallville but I have to say that preview makes me want to jump on board for this upcoming season. My big gripe was always that there was too much Clark Kent soap opera drama and not enough Superman adventure - but it's looking like the show has finally progressed up to the point I always hoped it would (Clark's early stints as Superman).

If you didn't read our Smallville Comic-Con coverage then you don't know that Metallo will be kicking off the season premiere, Lex will eventually be back, General Zod will be stirring up trouble, Lois Lane and Green Arrow will remain in the mix and sorry, Jimmy Olsen fans, there are currently no plans for a resurrection.

Are you excited for Smallville's 9th season?

The show returns on September 25th (that’s Friday now) @ 8/7c on the CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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