Smallville: Season 9 Finale Review & Discussion

Will the ninth season Smallville finale have fans kneeling before Zod? Or, will fans fly (unlike Clark) away from the series once and for all?

This past season of Smallville, our favorite inhabitants of Metropolis have come up against some terrifying foes. From Metallo to Checkmate to Dark Archer – there has been a nemesis at every turn.

Alright, maybe Icicle wasn’t that great of a nemesis (at all), but at least his appearance led to the Justice Society popping up and Doctor Fate foretelling the (flying) future of Clark – with cape and all.

On top of that, this season has beat out any previous season in terms of cameos from familiar DC characters such Speedy, Roulette, Cat Grant, The Wonder Twins, Amanda Waller, Silver Banshee and Maxwell Lord. Not to mention Martha Kent, Perry White, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, Toyman, Dr. Emil Hamilton, Black Canary, and Cyborg all returning.

It’s been a long road. Nine seasons is long for any series, but Smallville has consistently reinvented itself and with it, kept fans tuning in – even when it was forced to switch timeslots.

But, that’s enough talk about the past. Let’s move on to there here and now.

The battle is on! In the ninth season finale of Smallville, it’s all-out fight as Clark must stop Zod from taking over the world, but will our favorite Red-Blue-Blur be strong enough to stop him and his Kandorian army?


Smallville: Season 9 Finale Review & Discussion

In my opinion, the season 9 finale of Smallville had much to prove. For almost a decade, fans have been standing by this series, tuning in week after week, year after year, and at some point there needs to be a moment where you decide whether to continue investing time into a series or cut your losses. This was that moment – for me, at least.

That being said, the ninth season finale of Smallville is not only one of the best episodes of the season, but also one of better finales that this series has in quite some time.

The episode, directed by former Smallville executive producer Greg Beeman and written by long-time scribes Al Septien & Turi Meyer, was a brilliantly crafted finale that was able to provide a wonderful ending to one of Superman’s (that’s right, I said it!) most formidable foes while also providing fans with a reason to eagerly anticipate its fall return.

Smallville: Season 9 Finale Review & Discussion

For the first time, Clark’s inevitable future as the caped crusader was not simply hinted at, but directly implied as a destiny that will soon be fulfilled. Starting with the thirty-second glimpse from the future (2013) and continuing through-out, there was so much packed into this episode that a second viewing is almost definitely needed in order to take it all in.

Although, one must remember that while there is so much potential for an amazing tenth season, this is Smallville and it wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve squandered the opportunity to take the series to new heights.

While Clark now has both the knowledge and the tools (he has the suit!) to become Superman and Lois Lane now knows who The Blur truly is, it would take but a simple mind-erase device whipped up by some bad guy of the week or the reveal that the family crest we saw reflected in Clark’s eyes was merely a patch that Martha Kent placed on top of some old photos, instead of the suit, to bring fans hopes and dreams crashing to the ground.

Smallville: Season 9 Finale Review & Discussion

If you watched the season finale, you would have already experienced that phenomenon as there were a couple of lack-luster moments. Specifically, the promised “return” of the Justice Society and Major Zod’s whispering in Clark’s ear.

Regarding the Justice Society, I’m not expert, but since when did a really fancy video chat count as “returning?” The producers had once again led fans down the wrong path by having them believe that not only would they (truly) return, but that Hawkman would help Clark fly. To be fair, the episode is “to be continued” and with that, anything could happen.

And then there’s one of the oddest moments of the season; Major Zod, with all his wisdom, had been tricking the Kandorians into blindly following him, but then forgets that he’s surrounded by people with super-hearing as he whispers into Clark’s ear? The over-throw of Zod can basically be credited to a case of superhero eavesdropping.

Smallville: Season 9 Finale Review & Discussion

In the end, these were merely minor flaws in an otherwise brilliant episode and something that can easily be over-looked. My only hope is that when the series returns in the fall, it is able to deliver on all of its promises – even if the promises were only implied.

Final Thoughts

The ninth season finale of Smallville was a wonderful episode to watch. Not only did it exceed all expectations, but it also gave the series new life with a glimpse as to how amazing the tenth season could be.

Smallville: Season 9 Finale Review & Discussion

What did you think of the Smallville finale? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Are you excited about what the future holds for the series? Will you be sticking around for the tenth seaon?

Make sure to tune into tenth season of Smallville, this fall, on The CW

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