Smallville: First Look At Sandman, Dr. Fate & Green Lantern?

Let’s start off the week with some awesomeness that is, of course, Smallville. Even though the Smallville Justice Society two-hour movie (now titled “Absolute Justice”) is more than two months away, The CW has already begun rolling out enough teasers and sneak-peeks to keep any fan at bay. Still, Smallville fans are not the common fan and as such require even more teasers and sneak-peeks. Luckily, The CW has obliged.

Last week we brought you a glimpse of Hawkman along with some details of what to expect from the episode. Today, while we don’t have any more information about said Smallville movie, there just might be some information about the episode before the February 5th “Absolute Justice” event that fans might be interested in. Did someone say Dr. Fate, Sandman and… Green Lantern?

…Oh yes, they did!

It looks like we’re going to have quite the run-up to the Justice Society special, as a promo for the January 22 episode titled “Disciple” shows a couple familiar faces.

Some announced. Some not. All awesome.

Let’s kick it off with some photos.


Dr. Fate

And finally, possibly a little appearance from Alan Scott?

Green Lantern

Now, check out the promo below.


I've got to admit, those costumes look pretty great. I wasn't too excited after seeing Hawkman as Smallville is pretty much hit-or-miss with their costume designs, but I've got to admit that Sandman and Dr. Fate have gone down the road of Green Arrow and look great. Add in an appearance by Green Lantern and I'm more than sold on this.

While we’ve still got two holidays to get through before this episode airs, the promo has me totally excited for what’s to come. For a show that’s in its ninth season, it appears that there’s no slowing down for the red-blue blur. If this momentum continues, there’s no doubt (in my mind) that a tenth season will be on the schedule.

What do you think of the promo and the first looks at Sandman and Dr. Fate? Does the possibility of a Green Lantern appearance guarantee that you’ll be tuning in?

Catch Smallville “Disciple” January 22 at 9PM on The CW

Source: Super Hero Hype

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