First Look At Tom Welling As 'Superman' On Smallville

Season 9 of Smallville has a lot of changes coming up:

Tom Welling will be directing a few episodes of Smallville this season, the pesky (lack of) flying will be addressed, Geoff Johns will be writing an episode and we've all heard how Clark will be dealing with issues on trying to be only a hero, leaving the personality of Clark behind.

We've also got Metallo, General Zod and (shudder), the Wonder Twins showing up in season 9.

On top of that, Clark Kent will have a new look in the upcoming 9th season of Smallville. Check it out after the page break.

OK, so it's not the red and blue skin tight suit - but it IS his first Superman-style outfit. :)

When I first mentioned seeing this new look at Comic-Con, did I not say he looks like Neo from The Matrix?  I hope they do this well enough to pull it off.  And I also hope it's not a fleeting moment where he wears the outfit for 1 or 2 episodes and then back to the red and blue jackets and shirts.

What do you think of the new look of Super-Clark in Smallville Screen Rant readers?

Source: LilMissX Twitter account

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