Check Out Brian Austin Green As Metallo on Smallville

Smallville fans I don't know if you're into SPOILERS or not, but today TV Guide nabbed a first look at Brian Austin Green as Superman foe Metallo, a role he'll play in a two-part arc during the Season 9 premiere of Smallville this fall.

Be fairly warned that once you go any further you'll be spoiling the surprise for yourself, so be sure you're sure you want to know before you proceed.

Still wanna see how Smallville is going to pull off Metallo? Take a look:



I'm not that big of a Smallville fan but I have to say - not bad! Not bad at all!

Green will play John Corben, in this version of the character a Daily Planet reporter who becomes Metallo after suffering a terrible accident, only to be saved by a kryptonite heart implanted by a "Frankenstein-esque" (Lex Luthor?) benefactor who the show's producers are reluctant to reveal. Guess you'll have to tune and find out!

Apparently, what you see above is just the FIRST version of Metallo. Later on he'll be getting, as Smallville producer Kelly Souders said, "sleeker." Hmmm... that doesn't sound like Iron Man at all...

For the full report on just how much we'll be seeing of Metallo druing Smallville's upcoming season, check out TV Guide.

Smallville Season 9 premieres on September 25th (that's Friday now) @ 8/7c on the CW.

Source: TV Guide

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