Smallville Season 8: Less Krypton, More Superman

From SyFy Portal come some minorly spoilerish details about Smallville's 8th and final (thank goodness!) season.

Producer Darren Swimmer says that there will be less looking backward and more moving forward regarding the Superman mythos. Since this is the final season of Smallville they're going to be concentrating on Clark Kent's transition to the iconic superhero.

Swimmer says:

"I think we're moving away from the Kryptonian story, last year we focused a lot on that and aspects of Clark's past. Clark can't escape his Kryptonian roots and that's definitely going to come back and haunt him this season, but this year will be more about moving forward with his destiny as becoming Superman in a way that we've never done before."

Barely appearing in the final season will be Laura Vandervoort, who played Clark's cousin Kara (aka Supergirl) and of course Michael Rosenbaum and Kristen Kreuk are off the show (although I would guess they'll probably have an appearance or two in cameo roles). On the other hand fan favorite Justin Hartley who plays Oliver Queen/Green Arrow will become a regular on the series.

I for one am very glad that the Lana character has been written off the show - that Clark/Lana thing was getting seriously old. Plus they turned her into a Machiavellian character that just didn't really work.

They'll be concentrating on Clark (Tom Welling), Lois (Erica Durance) and Chloe (Allison Mack). Chloe's powers will be changing/evolving and Jimmy will have a difficult time adjusting.

No word on whether they'll be breaking their outdated "no flights" policy, but there will be recognition by Clark that if he is to be able to fulfill his destiny as a hero he will have to resort to a dual identity.

Who knows? Perhaps under the "new management" they'll manage to improve the show from it's recent slide in quality and have it end on a high note.

Smallville returns to The CW on September 18th.

Source: SyFy Portal

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