Smallville: Supergirl & Zod Returning For Final Episodes

Smallville Season 10: Supergirl & Zod

[Update: Michael Rosenbaum Turns Down ‘Smallville’ Finale Return]

The final season of Smallville just keeps getting better and if this wonderful character revisit is a sign, it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Laura Vandervoort and Callum Blue will be reprising their roles as Kara Zor-El and Major Zod, respectively.

While both characters have had seemingly independent story-arcs in the past, the final five episodes of Smallville season 10 will see these two fan favorites return and finally cross paths. Unfortunately, no information has been revealed as to what would bring these two characters back to Metropolis.

Considering Zod was transported to another world in the season 9 finale, one has to assume that he has finally found a way back, or perhaps Darkseid lets him out. As for Kara, she’s been hiding out as Linda Lee Danvers since episode 3 of this season, so a simple visit to Kansas isn’t that hard to write-in for Clark’s superhero cousin.

Both characters will be returning for Smallville’s final episodes and they will both be appearing in one out of the five final episodes. Hopefully their return will fall within the same episode, but it's highly unlikely considering the need to provide each character with a fulfilling storyline.

Of course, even though Supergirl and Zod are wonderful additions to Smallville season 10, fans are still waiting on to hear that Michael Rosenbaum will be returning as Lex Luthor. Unfortunately, Rosenbaum recently came out and stated that he hasn’t talked to Smallville producers in a very long time and that all optimistic speculation on behalf of the series producers is without basis.

Supergirl Smallville

Perhaps the return of Supergirl and Zod in Smallville’s final episodes is a sign that Rosenbaum probably isn’t returning, or maybe it’s a sign that Smallville producers are doing everything within their power to make the farewell episode of Smallville as great as possible.

If it’s the latter, they need to get Rosenbaum quickly signed on, before it’s too late


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