'Smallville' Season 10 'Scion' Preview - Lionel vs. Tess

Clark Ken & Alexander Luthor - Smallville 'Scion'

Chloe (Allison Mack) may be gone, but Smallville still has many tales to tell before the series comes to an end.

As Alexander Luthor (Lucas Grabeel) becomes the focus in this week’s episode, “Scion,” it’s going to take a battle to find out who decides the fate of this “special” Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) creation.

With Lois (Erica Durance), Clark (Tom Welling) and Tess (Cassidy Freeman) fighting for the side of good, Lionel (John Glover) appears to be outmatched. Of course, when it comes down to “family” (or obtaining absolute power), one can never underestimate the lengths that a Luthor will go to in order to come out on top.

Since the first introduction of the Lex Luthor clone, Alexander Luthor, in the Smallville season 10 premiere, fans have been wondering what secrets may lie within this human experiment. Following the revelation that needles cannot pierce his skin, Alexander Luthor’s destiny was all-but spelled out. (You can read about what that destiny is here: ‘Smallville’: BIG Alexander Luthor Spoiler! )

While last week’s The Hangover inspired episode was entertaining (and revealing – Oliver Queen drag, anyone?), I’m happy to see Smallville return to one of its core seasonal story-arcs. With seven episodes remaining, there isn’t any room left for episodic play - it’s time for Clark Kent to become Superman.

In the clips below, you’ll get a hint at Alexander Luthor’s capabilities and Lionel will show the younger Luthor exactly what it means to wear his family crest:

“Scion” Preview


“Scion” Clip


For those that can’t wait until Friday to find out what fate holds for Alexander Luthor, you can use the previously provided links to reveal all.

Considering the episodic preview was so titillating, I’m surprised to see that the clip was, well, bland. Could they have made it even more obvious that the scene provided is the turning point in Alexander Luthor’s destiny? After Lionel won him over - it's this moment that could cause young Lex to change his mind?

You can view photos from the episode below:

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Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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