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Tonight marks the beginning of the end for Smallville. After nine years of wonderful adventures, relentless foes and life-saving rescues, it all comes down to this. From the beginning, fans have been wondering when Clark will don the iconic outfit and become Superman. Now, as Smallville enters into its tenth and final season, that question has been answered.

Although, just because Clark is destined to become Superman that doesn’t mean that this inevitable outcome will happen soon. If fans of the series have learned anything from Smallville, it’s that they know how to drag out a storyline. So, while Clark may or may not become The Man of Steel in the season premiere, let’s just hope that his transformation comes sooner rather than later.

Ten years is a long time for any series, but especially for one on The CW. Throughout its run, many have mocked Smallville, many have given up on it, but many have also stuck with it. It is now, in the tenth and final season, where the nine-year series investment will pay off.


Preview (courtesy of The CW)

Lois (Erica Durance) finds Clark's (Tom Welling) lifeless body and removes the blue kryptonite enabling him to heal himself. However, Lois sneaks away before Clark fully awakens in order to protect his secret. Meanwhile, Chloe (Allison Mack) is desperate to find Oliver (Justin Hartley), so she turns to an unlikely source for answers. Jonathan (Schneider) returns to the Kent Farm with a message for Clark, and Tess (Cassidy Freeman) awakens in a LuthorCorp lab.



[NOTE: For my review, I am unable to discuss certain plot points. Particularly, anything that happens in the episode’s fourth act. If certain character or elements are not touched upon in my review (even though there are pictures), it's for that reason.]

We pick up immediately where the season 9 finale left off, namely with Clark falling after being stabbed with blue Kryptonite. Like many have speculated, Lois is quick to respond to Clark’s ground collision. Unfortunately, not knowing the effects of blue Kryptonite on our favorite Kryptonian, Lois is more interested in caressing Clark’s lifeless body than removing the power-dampening projectile.

It's a frustrating scene, no doubt, but one that serves to propel Clark into a dream-like world where Jor-El attempts to, once again, direct Clark towards his destiny. Although, like most encounters with Jor-El, a “loving” shove in the right direction doesn’t come without warning. Clark is also shown what his fate will be if he continues to play the role of the martyr - a fate that will soon be realized as a familiar bald-headed face from the past shows up, in addition to the promise from Jor-El that “evil is coming. “

More Smallville Season 6 Premiere Pics - Lex Is Back!

Like the aforementioned scene, the theme of the premiere is destiny – not only for Clark, but for all of the other characters as well. Chloe, Lois, Oliver and Tess all actively take steps in this episode to fulfill their destiny. While certain characters' destinies are yet to be fully revealed, the fact that they start off their final season with such purpose means that (hopefully) there will be few superfluous, stalling episodes this season.

Alright, enough over-analyzing. Lex is back! Well, he’s somewhat back. Well, he’s in the episode.

While Lex Luthor is in the premiere, it’s not in the way that fans would like. Since Michael Rosenbaum chose not to return for the premiere, many assumed that the only way we’d see Lex is in shadows or with bright lights – something to hide the fact that it’s not Rosenbaum. To be fair, that does happen (at times), but you will see Lex, you’ll see his face, hear him talk and he’s actually a big part of the premiere.  Lex, more or less, serves as the catalyst for Clark’s decision to finally claim his destiny. That being said, I understand why Rosenbaum wouldn’t be interested in returning – for this episode, anyway.

More Smallville Season 6 Premiere Pics - Lex Is Back!

Of course, not everything can be so serious. With that, we’ve got Lois reveling in her newfound knowledge. Although, after some digging, Lois also comes to the realization that she’s the last person to know Clark’s secret – something that she’s not particularly happy about. Fortunately, Lois doesn't let that get to her and has no problem coercing Clark into using his powers as she looks for a “missing pen” underneath her desk. This, of course, follows Lois describing in detail how wonderful it was to kiss the red-blur-blue.

And then there’s the fourth act…

Even though I can’t talk about specific things, I can give you my general feeling on it - it’s great, wonderful, amazing. There are literally five or six scenes in the final moments of this episode that fans will truly love. Not only because it shows things that we’ve been waiting (and hoping) to see for some time, but also because it lays out specifically where they’re taking this series in its final season.

Final Thoughts

The season 10 premiere of Smallville is everything that a fan of the series could have hoped for. If the rest of the season is anywhere near as poignant, fans will be in for one amazing, final journey.


Smallville airs Friday's @8pm, on The CW

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