'Smallville' Season 10 Photos Resurrect Jonathan Kent

"Smallville" Season 10 Photos Reunite Father & Son

Today, The CW released nine photos for the premiere episode of Smallville season 10 titled “Lazarus.” While not particularly revealing, the photos do show the triumphant return of John Schneider as Jonathan Kent.

The photos are proof of a scene that was teased at Comic-Con, in which Jonathan proclaims that Clark will become “the greatest superhero the world will never know” - while warning him that something “dark” is coming.

Hopefully, as The CW PR machine kicks into gear, these won’t be the only photos released from the Smallville season 10 premiere. With less than a month before the episode is set to air, I’m hoping we’ll get a glimpse at a few other exciting events that are set to take place. Particularly, Tess Mercer waking up in the Cadmus Labs, surrounded by the clones of Lex Luthor, or a good look at the Superman suit.

Since all of the images are similar, I’m guessing that what we see in the photos represents pretty much the entire scene between Jonathan and Clark in the premiere (Jonathan will appear in several more episodes this season).

Of course, the real question is… How exactly are they going to explain Jonathan’s return? Is it a dream/memory? Has Jonathan returned as some kind of fence-fixing ghost? Or, is there some type of Kryptonian technological-tricky going on?

I suppose we’ll have to wait until the premiere to find out that answer.

You can check out the photo gallery from the Smallville season 10 premiere below.

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Putting aside the fence-fixing photos of Jonathan and Clark, I’m most intrigued by the final image - with Clark reading a letter from the mailbox. While there’s little doubt that the United States Postal Service is exciting, in the previous 9 years of Smallville being on the air, they haven’t done many “Clark reading mail” scenes. So, it has to be something important, right?

If you can’t get enough Smallville, keep an eye on Screen Rant for our upcoming “Complete Guide To Smallville Season 10: What We Know.”

The tenth, and final, season of Smallville premieres September 24, @8pm on The CW


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