'Smallville' First Look: Clark's Superhero Proposal To Lois

Smallville: Lois & Clark get engaged.

This Friday on Smallville, in addition to saving Metropolis from Darkseid’s influence and rescuing Lois from the nefarious Colonel Slade (perhaps Deathstroke by now), we will also get the long-awaited - although previously revealed - engagement of Lois and Clark.

With ring in tow and a little help from Hawkman to deliver a shower of white rose petals, Clark Kent will fall to one knee and propose to his one true love, Lois Lane. Set in the streets of Metropolis, this superhero proposal will take place next to a phone booth, the same phone booth where Lois first realized that Clark was, in fact, The Blur.

What Lois’ response will be to this life-changing request is no revelation. As comic book history, the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman television series, and a glimpse into the future on Smallville have all shown, Lois and Clark belong together. Plus, we have pictures of her saying yes and their subsequent engagement party at Watchtower.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known how exactly this major life decision will impact Clark fulfilling his destiny, but a life-long relationship with the woman he loves must certainly propel the would-be man of steel one step closer to tights and flight.

In regards to Clark’s eventual battle with Darkseid, this romantic storyline – while endearing as ever – will no doubt help him stave off Darkseid’s influence. Although, we'll have to wait and see exactly how heavy-handed the producers will be with this particular plot element.

Smallville "Icarus": Lois & Clark Proposal

Of course, if the handling of this current season is any reflection, I don’t think fans will have to worry too much about Clark winning the battle against Darkseid with “the power of love.”

Hopefully I am not wrong.

For now, put all worries about the eventual conclusion to Smallville aside and take a look at the engagement of Lois and Clark – from proposal to party:

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Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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