Smallville: Reckoning - Somebody Really Dies

If you don't want to know who dies in the 100th episode of Smallville, I suggest that you stop reading this column.

There was a huge build up to this episode by the WB network, touting that a major character was REALLY going to die. I immediately had high hopes that it would be Lana, and what little I saw in the promos led me to believe that I might possibly be correct.

The episode opens with a quite a bang, being obvious that Clark is finally going to tell Lana everything. He invites her over and tells her to dress warmly (which shouldn't suprise her because it's, um, WINTER). Anyway he takes her to the old Indian cave and they take a Stargate-style wormhole up to the North Pole and his (at this point unnamed) Fortress of Solitude. He commences to demonstrate a couple of powers plus he proposes to her.

At this point I'm thinking "Lana, you are SO dead."

Cut back to the victory celebration of Pa Kent's senate race victory, and we find Lana leaving the celebration to go console Lex. Lex senses that she knows Clark's secret and gets rough since he's been drinking. She leaves and he gives chase in one of his two dozen cars. One thing leads to another and Lana dies in a car crash, finally fulfilling the prophecy made by Clark's biological father, Jor-El.

Clark, of course, is devasted and heads back up north to beg Jor-El for some way to undo what's happened. Jor-El gives him ONE unalterable chance and I suppose you could say that Clark is so struck with grief that it doesn't occur to him that with past history between him and Krypto-dad that somebody still has to die.

So what happens? The show pulls a Groundhog Day and Clark goes back 24 hours. At this point I started getting really annoyed because I thought the whole "somebody really dies" thing was going to end up as a cop out.

Anyway, this time Clark doesn't tell Lana anything and as he expected, she breaks up with him. He has Chloe stick to her (after a little "spin the Earth backwards" joke) to guarantee that she doesn't die again. Astoundingly, Chloe manages to lose Lana at the critical time just before the accident, Lana still heads to Lex's and this time he makes a pass at her and he follows her to apologize instead of in a fit of rage.

Clark shows up just in time to stop the accident that would have killed her, but cut to his family's barn, were his father Jonathon is confronting Lex's dad Lionel, telling him that he is not bought and paid for despite Lionel's funding of his campaign. Turns out Lionel has an incriminating photo as leverage (which I can only assume is a picture of Clark using his powers). Jonathon throws Lionel around a bit, but unfortunately this triggers a fatal, yes, FATAL heart attack.

Quite the shock to Clark's system, but as his mother points out, there was no way he could have chosen between Lana and his father.

The scenes leading up to and including the funeral were, I thought, quite moving if you've followed the show and come to know the characters. I'm really sad to see John Schneider leave the show as I enjoyed watching both him as an actor and the character he portrayed on the show.

Unfortunately we're right back to the old moon-pie eye'd Clark/Lana situation. Again.

Aside from that, and the fact that Lana didn't die (darn it!) a great episode overall.

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