Smallville Hits Season Low Ratings

Smallville Season Finale

Despite last fall’s ratings surge and a successful television movie event, Smallville is now struggling to retain the viewers it once had since returning from its month-long absence three weeks ago. Even storylines involving DC comic familiars such as the Silver Banshee and Checkmate failed to garner an audience.

Ratings finally reached an all-time season low with last week’s return of Metallo (Brian Austin Green).

Before February’s break, the average rating this season for an episode of Smallville was a respectable 2.5 million viewers. While not that high (when compared to last season), the series was still exceeding expectations - given its move to the Friday night death slot.

But, following this season’s second extended break and the news of Smallville being picked up for a tenth season, fans seem to have stopped watching. The April 2 return was down 400,000 viewers, with 2.13 million people tuning in. Each subsequent episode saw the ratings slip downward with the return of Pam Grier and Checkmate garnering a measly 1.9 million viewers and last week’s Metallo revisit bottoming out at 1.84 million viewers.

Considering Smallville has some of the most vocal and enthusiastic fans in the television industry, one has to wonder what is behind this consistent decline in ratings. Have fans become less enthusiastic since their favorite superhero drama has already received another season order, feeling as though they no longer need to actively support the Red-Blue-Blur & friends. Maybe, everyone has just had enough of the small-town superhero living in the big city?

Perhaps it’s just as simple as fans forgetting to tune in.

Metallo Returns

Did Metallo stab Clark? Since nobody watched, we'll never know.

I, unfortunately, fall into the group of fans who just forget watch. Sure, the missed episodes of Smallville are on my DVR, but as I notice the number growing each week, it’s an increasingly discouraging affair - as I haven’t the time, nor interest, to sit down for three hours in order to catch up.

And, since I’m not caught up, there’s no point in watching the new episodes.

Although, with the promise of the Justice Society returning, I do have some incentive to rectify the problem, but maybe I’m still in the minority.

What do you think of Smallville’s ratings decline? Have you been tuning in? If not, what’s the reason? Do you think the tenth season will be its last?

Help turn things around and watch Smallville, Friday @8PM, on The CW.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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