Smallville Ratings Are Improving: Best In A Year


Even though Smallville has been stuck in the death slot of Friday nights, (thanks, CW), the ratings for the Tom Welling-starring fantasy series are improving.

Now admittedly Smallville is not capturing 8 million viewers like NBC's Law & Order or 7.9 million viewers like Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights, but it is picking up.

Smallville drew in 2.76 million viewers in overnight numbers from last night.  But more importantly, the show won the demographic of adults between 18-34 & men 18-34.

It also hit a new season high and their best performance in these categories in over a year, since September of 2008.

Though the increases are roughly about 8%, something is better than nothing.  Matching their best performance from a year ago is also good.

Whether this is from a grassroots effort of word of mouth or people are just catching on to the show with it's new, slightly darker approach... who cares,  right?  As long as it improves enough for The CW and the powers that be to consider carrying the show into a 10th season.  That's all we, the fans care about.

With that said, keep telling folks you know.  Hit up bulletin boards you visit and mention how much you like the show.  Don't forget to mention why, with good compelling reasons.  Try to keep the enthusiasm to great points that folks can understand, like how Smallville is an interesting re-imagining of a classic comic, or whatever else you like about the show. Just keep it up.  Never give up gang, never!

The Gory Nielsen Stats:

Total Viewers: 2.76 million.

Quick Rating Explanation Of (A/B):

  • A is an estimated percentage of the entire database of TV households or group tuned in to a program.
  • B is the percentage of households using television who are tuned in.

I hope that makes sense.  It's a tiny delineation between the numbers, but that's what I have to work with!!!

Source:  TV By The Numbers

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