Smallville: 10 Questions We Still Have Almost A Decade After the Finale

Smallville was a CW series that ran from 2001-2011 and followed a young Clark Kent on his journey to becoming Earth’s Greatest Hero, Superman. To this day, the series remains a favorite among fans for its attention to detail, incorporation of characters, and its handling of the Superman mythos.

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The series also accomplished something that many other TV shows struggle with, which is achieving a satisfying series finale. Smallville’s finale saw Clark finally take flight, defeat Darkseid, and don the famous suit (to a degree). However, nearly a decade later, Smallville still leaves a lot of unanswered questions in regards to story and characters. Here is our list of 10 questions we still have almost a decade after the finale!

WARNING: Spoilers for the series follow.

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10 How Many Other Villains Did Clark “Save?”

Toward the end of the series, Lois and Clark return to Smallville for their high school reunion (of which Lois only attended for one year). While Clark is off playing hero, Lois must deal with the fact that no one remembers her. Towards the end of the episode, however, a man approaches her asking about Clark. This man is then revealed to be the villain of the second ever episode “Bug Boy”. He then tells Lois that Clark saved him from a dark place and kept him from a life of crime. While this moment was very touching to see, it also shows the inspiring nature that comes with Superman as a character.

However, it also makes viewers wonder exactly how many other villains Clark was able to convert in this manner. The series focuses on many small-scale villains, often creating their own just so Clark could have something to punch. It would have been nice to see some others return and show how they’ve changed for the better. Considering it is a show about Superman, Smallville could have definitely put more emphasis on the eponymous character's effect on others.

9 What About The Flash?

One interesting decision the show made was establishing Bart Allen as the Flash of this universe. Though he still operates under the codename Impulse, there is no mention or indication of Barry Allen or any other person who call themselves the Flash.

Furthermore, Bart isn’t from the future like he is in the comics. Instead, he’s just a normal kid from the present who can run fast after an incident involving lightning. While the show likely couldn’t use Barry Allen or even his superhero name, it is still interesting they decided to change so much with Bart.

8 Where are the Other Members of the League?

During the 6th season of Smallville, fans were given a tease of a future Justice League featuring a lineup of Clark, Green Arrow, Impulse, Cyborg, and Aquaman. This episode, entitled Justice, was incredibly fun, as it really showed off some major DC characters together for the first time. While on a mission to rescue Bart from Lex, Clark himself also ends up incapacitated, making it Cyborg’s, Green Arrow’s, and Aquaman’s job to save them.

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Following the conclusion of the episode, the team is never seen together again, leaving viewers to wonder exactly what happened to each of the others. While they may be mentioned in later episodes, there is no actual conclusion to some of their arcs, nor is there any hint at the formation of a Justice League. While this isn’t really a necessary detail in regards to the main story of Smallville, it would still be nice to know that a version of the Justice League is on its way.

7 Where was Zatanna?

Zatanna is a smaller character in DC Comics, though she is still a favorite to many. The character (portrayed by actress Serinda Swan) makes two guest appearances on Smallville and served as a great way to introduce elements of magic into the show. Following her second appearance, however, Zatanna is never seen nor heard from again until the final season. While she is not in the last season, the character sends Clark an enchanted bottle that would allow him to get drunk a few days before his wedding.

This episode proved to be one of the funnier moments in the series in general, offering a light-hearted break from the other troubles of the season. However, considering Zatanna’s power as a magician, her absence during Darkseid's invasion felt strange. Her unique powerset would have greatly come in handy against an all-powerful force of evil.

6 What is Martha Kent Up to?

Actress Annette O’Toole portrayed the role of Martha Kent, Superman’s adoptive mother, for 9 seasons on Smallville. Towards the end, however, viewers saw less and less of her due to both story reasons and scheduling. Yet, that didn’t stop her character from being a major player behind the scenes. At the end of season 9, Martha Kent is revealed to be the Red Queen who is playing against the organization, Checkmate.

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With Amanda Waller and Checkmate causing problems for Clark throughout the season, Martha is revealed to be protecting Clark and his secrets in the ultimate “mama-bear” fashion. While her exit from the show makes sense in regards to the story, Martha has clearly amassed a significant amount of power, as she was able to hold her own against Checkmate. It makes viewers wonder why she was never mentioned later on as a means of providing information for the team or anything similar. So much could have been done with the Martha Kent character that would still allow her to operate in the shadows.

5 What is Pete Ross Up to Now?

In the comics, Pete Ross is Clark’s childhood best friend. While he is usually much goofier and light-hearted in the comics, he still plays a very important role in Clark’s life in Smallville. Pete Ross was a series regular in the first 3 seasons, though he would return once again in the season 7 episode, Hero. When audiences last see Pete, his mind is being affected by Kryptonite gum that also gives him the ability to stretch to superhuman lengths.

Pete eventually snaps out of his brainwashing and comes to realize that there are better ways for him to help other people. While it was nice to see his character come back for a better resolution, it would also be nice to know the ways he decided to help others.

4 What About Smallville Itself?

The fictitious town of Smallville served as the main setting of the TV series for years, although the cast and story eventually transitioned to Metropolis. While the characters would still visit the town quite frequently (as Smallville was located just outside of Metropolis in this universe), much of what happened in the town is left open.

Whatever happened to the caves with the Kryptonian inscriptions? What about the rest of the kryptonite in the town? Was anyone ever affected by kryptonite after while Clark was in Metropolis? There are still many questions about the major location that the series doesn’t answer by the finale.

3 Where Did Lana Go?

Towards the end of Smallville’s 8th season, Kristin Kreuk returned as Lana Lang for a few episodes to help resolve her character’s arc. While her character could still have had a more fulfilling exit, the writers came up with a good reason to keep her away from Clark. After Lana gives herself superpowers that would allow her to live a life alongside Clark, the opportunity is almost immediately taken away by Lex Luthor. Lex develops a kryptonite bomb that can be diffused by Lana’s absorbing abilities.

While this would stop the bomb, it would also make Lana poisonous to Clark, meaning the two could never be too close, physically, ever again. Of course, Clark and Lana decide to save the city together and Lana leaves once again. However, she still has her abilities. It’s hard to believe that the team would never hear from Lana or about her activities ever again. Even a subtle mention should have been enough to satisfy fans.

2 How Would Some Important People Return?

While it is certainly within its own universe, Smallville still made some significant changes to the Superman Mythos. For example, Supergirl makes her public debut before Clark and villains like Doomsday end up dead. Being inspired by the world of comics, characters can come and go without much fuss; nevertheless, the show still tries to adhere to the universe's established laws. In doing so, dead people rarely returned and when they did, it was usually a clone/alternate version/etc.

Knowing that characters like Supergirl and Doomsday play an exceptionally big role in the character's mythos, fans cannot help but wonder exactly how these personalities could make a return. While there are definitely options, it would be nice to know how Doomsday comes back or the particular event that could draw Kara back to the present.

1 What Happened During the Time Jump?

In part II of the series finale, it is revealed that there is a 7-year time jump from when Clark first makes his debut as Superman and saves the Earth from Darkseid. During this flash forward, Oliver and Chloe are revealed to be together and have a son. Lex has been elected President of the United States, while Lois and Clark are attempting to get married again.

However, a lot more must have happened during those 7 years. Has Clark met any other heroes? Is there a Justice League? Has anyone else died? While the Smallville finale is much more satisfying than many other TV shows’, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

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