Television Rewind: 'Smallville' Pilot Discussion

Even though the Smallville series finale is right around the corner, The CW is throwing a bit of nostalgia to the fans with tonight’s re-aring of the 2001 Smallville series premiere.

Think about it: In 2001, The CW was set to premiere a new series from some folks named Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Yeah, the series was about Superman as a teenager, but they cast some weird fella named Tom Welling as Clark Kent. Look at him: Welling? What kind of name is that?

Accompanying Welling in the iconic role of Clark Kent was some bald kid named Michael Rosenbaum. Really CW? A teenage Lex Luthor? We had just survived Y2K and you expect us to accept some teenage Lex Luthor. Let me bust out my big ‘ole Nokia cell phone and call my friends to goof on this series.

And then there’s these characters Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan. So.. is it Lang or Lane? Is Lana related to Lois? Ok, Lana isn’t related to Lois Lane, but Chloe is - even though Chloe’s last name is Sullivan. Wow, great move there. Chloe isn’t even a character in the comics. I bet she’ll stick around for one season - at least. That is, of course, if the series doesn’t get canceled before then.

I don’t know about you, but this is pretty close to what I originally thought about Smallville. And, no, don’t try to look back for a review from back then. In fact, Screen Rant hadn’t even by created yet. In 2001, Screen Rant was but a mere glint in the eye of Vic Holtreman.

Smallville - "The Future Lois & Clark"

Flash foward to today and I can’t believe that Smallville has been on the air for 10 years. If anything, I can’t believe that I watched a series for 10 years. A series that has its fair share of terrible moments. Don’t me wrong: I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the series evolve into what it is today, but that doesn’t me there weren’t moments that I wanted to turn it off.

So tonight, thanks to a wonderful programming decision by The CW, Smallville fans are able to look back at the episode that started it all.

Looking back: how do you think the series premiere holds up? Would you have guessed that this was the beginning of a 10-year series that is now going to lead to Clark becoming Superman?

-Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW.

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