Smallville: First Official Pics Of Dr. Fate, Hawkman & Stargirl

The Justice Society is coming to Smallville: Will it be superhero-cool or a Smallville cheese-fest?

With one holiday down we’re coming ever closer to the premiere of Smallville: Absolute Justice and the closer we get, the more we get to see, and today The CW has finally released some official pictures of Justice Society members Dr. Fate and Stargirl, as well as some tussling about from Green Arrow and Hawkman. Hopefully, this trend will continue so that I won’t have to spend time pulling stills from YouTube trailers.

Last week we brought you some awesome (and I do mean awesome) pictures of Dr. Fate, Sandman and a little glimpse of Green Lantern. Sure, the pictures were from a teaser trailer, but I think the general consensus was that they looked great and the excitement continued to build for this movie.

While I’m not attempting to set fans up for a fall, I do have to be completely honest and say that the pictures released today, the “official” pictures, kind of make me take pause and wonder if I’ve got things all wrong with how “awesome” I thought the costumes looked.

Let me just show you this pictures now and we can talk after, if you’re still in the mood.

Dr. Fate & Stargirl

Hawkman & Green Arrow “talking things out”

Is it just me or do you see a big difference between the photos released today and the ones released previously? Even the pictures of Hawkman that we previously showed didn’t look this… odd? I’m not saying that they look bad, I’m just saying that they look, kind of, janky.

Still, far be it for me to say something bad about Smallville as they’ve had a great run this season and I think maybe I can justify these pictures… They’re bad pictures. That’s all. Really bad pictures. If you look at Green Arrow, his costume looks horrible as well and in the series, I love his costume. I think that these pictures are too bright and too “staged” so they give off this weird vibe. I have a feeling that when it comes down it, when we see them on the screen, they’ll look amazing (well, maybe except for Stargirl).

…fingers crossed.

Am I being too harsh? Do these costumes look good in the pictures?

Maybe I’m still full of Tryptophan from all that turkey and need someone to set me straight.

Catch Smallville: Absolute Justice Feb 5 at 8PM on The CW

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