Michael Rosenbaum NOT returning to Smallville

[Update: Michael Rosenbaum Turns Down ‘Smallville’ Finale Return]

Despite the news of Smallville being picked up for a tenth season and the revelation that Lex Luthor is still alive, Michael Rosenbaum has officially announced that he will not be returning to the series next fall as everyone’s favorite cue-ball-headed foe.

The announcement, made via Rosenbaum’s Twitter account, came after he had originally posted a cryptic tweet, which had the Internet a-buzz that there would be an imminent announcement of his return to Smallville.

Lots of good news coming soon. I have to shut up until I'm allowed to say something. Patience young jedi's.

In all honesty, Michael Rosenbaum is known for two things: Smallville and Poolhall Junkies. While I doubt they’re gearing up for a sequel to that latter 2002 drama, one would instantly think that the “lots of good news” and having to “shut up” would mean that he’s going to be returning to Smallville – or that he’s been cast as Captain America.

Nope. Two hours later, Rosenbaum returned to deliver the bad news.

Sorry. It's not Smallville related.I’ve already stated that I'm not returning.I'd never lead you guys on like that.I appreciate your support

I’ve always felt that Rosenbaum leaving the show was a huge detriment to the series. Not matter how good the past two seasons have been, Rosenbaum was always one of the best actors on the show and with his absence, we have had to go through every Lex Luthor wannabe out there.

What has me curious is: why won’t he come back? Is there some kind of bad blood between him and the series? He did say that he would be open to coming back for a couple of episodes. Maybe it’s the fact that he would have had to shave his head?

Is there a chance that they could recast Lex, given that he’s been in terrible explosion and would probably look different now anyways? What do you think Rosenbaum's big announcement is going to be?

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Source: KryptonSite (via: MTV), Rosenbaum’s Twitter account

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