Smallville: Martha Kent & Perry White Return

For the fans of Smallville that believe Clark just can’t get the parental guidance he needs from a crystal containing all the knowledge of Jor-El or that the Daily Planet could use a better editor-in-chief, you're in luck as real life couple Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean are set to return to Smallville as their respective characters, Martha Kent and Perry White.

It’s been over two years since O’Toole portrayed Martha Kent and while no specific date has been announced, it can only be assumed that it will be during May sweeps toward the end of the season. No information is being released about what the storyline of her return will be about, but one insider has stated that her appearance will be accompanied by an “unexpected surprise.”

Unexpected surprise or not, that doesn’t mean she can’t put some time aside to do some sewing. You know, because the whole black look doesn’t do Clark justice. I’m thinking something more blue, red, tight and underwear-like.

Not to be forgotten, Michael McKean is also dusting off his Smallville wardrobe as Perry White is finally returning from his single episode, six year absence. When we first saw Perry in season three, he was nothing more than a dirt bag tabloid reporter. Now, it seems that he’s climbed the ladder a bit; Not all the way to the top, but close.

“We finally get to see the legendary introduction between Perry White and the intrepid Lois Lane,” says executive producer Brian Peterson.

His appearance, much like O’Toole’s, is not set it stone, but it’s safe to assume that the married couple will probably share the same episode.

What say you, Smallville fans? Are you excited to see Martha Kent again? Any Perry White fans out there? How much more Smallville news can we write in one day?

Catch the Winter premiere of Smallville, January 29 @8PM on The CW.

Source: Ausiello Files

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