Smallville: King of Irony

Oh, I just find it quite funny and ironic that tonight's episode, which probably contained the most amount of gratuitous groping that I've seen in the series to date was followed by a public service announcement about teen pregnancy.

We had:

- Alicia from last season throwing herself at Clark (and her clothes on the floor).

- Lana deciding to sleep with her boyfriend in order to keep him. (It only didn't happen because he felt their relationship was being manipulated by his mother)

- A post wedding grope-fest between a red-kryptonite drugged Clark and Alicia that went on for what felt like forever.

Well, at least Chloe tried to talk Lana out of doing the deed with her erstwhile boyfriend... not that Lana listened, of course.

Nothing like revving up the target audience with sex scenes and then at the end of the show saying "Hey, don't get pregnant". The only extra points I give the producers is that at least they directed people to which seems to be a site the favors adoption over abortion.

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