Justice Society Returning To 'Smallville' This Season!

During the DC Nation panel Q&A at last week’s Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, WA, someone asked DC Entertainment exec, comic book scribe and Absolute Justice writer Geoff Johns whether or not we would be seeing the Justice Society of American outside of the comics again. Johns responded by confirming that not only would the JSA be returning to Smallville, but that it would be happening this season!

"They do appear again at the end of season on 'Smallville.' The hope is for every DC character to appear outside the comic books. Correctly."

Follow the ratings smash that was “Absolute Justice,” it shouldn’t be too surprising that the powers-that-be would be interested in the bringing back the Golden Age superheroes - however, I don’t think anyone was expecting it to be this soon.

With Checkmate being introduced in “Absolute Justice” and Clark still working on his own League of Justice, one can see how the JLA might fit in. In fact, Hawkman himself, Michael Shanks, even hinted at his return back in November, before "Absolute Justice" even aired.

“Clark and his friends are figuring out what their destinies will be, so there is a ripe opportunity for the Justice Society who had been there done that to offer some tough love teaching. The way things land at the end of it all, there’s an open door for Carter Hall to be revisited and possibly be part of further mentoring Clark down the road.”

While I don’t think anyone would complain about seeing the JLA return to Smallville, I’m more interested in what they’re going to do with the character of Dr. Fate. In “Absolute Justice,” Brent Stait’s portrayal of the insane Kent Nelson/Dr. Fate literally stole the show - but alas, he was killed by the unimpressive super villain, Icicle.

If they’re not able to find a loop-hole to bring back Brent Strait, they better cast someone that will be equally as spectacular…

What do you think of the JSA returning to Smallville? What other DC characters would you like to see? Any chance Hawkman will help get Clark off the ground? Who would you like to see take over for Brent Stait as Dr. Fate?

No date has been set for the JSA's return, but catch Smallville when it returns Friday, April 2 @8PM on The CW

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Source: Comics Alliance and MTV Splash

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