Smallville Season 10: 'Harvest' Spoilers Discussion

Complete Guide To "Smallville" Season 10 Spoilers

Tonight, Smallville gets spooky, well, kind of... except not really. While many of us will be figuring out what costume to wear, Lois and Clark are reveling in their open and honest relationship and, in turn, having their first real fight. After the Vigilante Registration Act hits too close to home, Clark attempts to steer the ever focused Lois Lane on to another story.

Unfortunately, Lois Lane isn't the type of person that can be controlled. No matter how much super-strength Clark has, he's just not that strong. After car troubles leaves Lois and Clark stranded, the couple are forced to deal with a deadly cult. The only problem is that Clark doesn't have his powers.

Could this be the first Smallville of the season that slows down what has been an amazing season?


Clark (Tom Welling) is concerned about Lois’ (Erica Durance) safety so he diverts her away from covering the Vigilante Registrations Act by suggesting she cover another story. After he comes clean with her, an angry Lois tells him that she can take care of herself, but when a flat tire strands their car in the middle of nowhere, their plans take a turn for the worse and Lois ends up in serious danger. Meanwhile, Tess (Cassidy Freeman) searches for a cure for Alexander (guest star Connor Stanhope), who is rapidly aging.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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