Smallville: General Zod Cast And Other Interesting Bits

After a ton of speculation and "factual" rumors floating around, the time to guess is over.

Callum Blue (Dead Like Me) has been cast for the role of the ever evilly focused General Zod in Smallville.

With General Zod now cast, we can rest easy.  Right?  Maybe.

Callum has had roles in a few shows that you might have seen.  He's been in Grey's Anatomy, HBO's The Tudors, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and the direct to DVD movie release of Dead Like Me.

But aside from this, there are more items to chat about in regards to possible cast news after the break.

Other Casting Thoughts

In case you wonder about some other castings, despite the lack of media static, rumors are buzzing about that Michael Rosenbaum could make a return by mid-season next year.

Though Michael has said that he may return for an episode or two for a final season, I myself am not holding my breath on this one yet because I've seen no concrete news from the network, Rosenbaum or well, anyone!  But it would be nice.

If you can gauge anything by Screen Rant's own readers, the fans WANT Rosenbaum back.  No matter what capacity of scalp follicle status he's in.  (If you're a regular Screen Rant reader, you know what that means.)

So for now, we can add Callum into with the likes of Brian Austin Green who will be playing Metallo.

Speaking of Green / Metallo, there's news as to how Metallo aka John Corben, will be introduced into the show, and here's where you might want to avert your eyes if you consider this kind of stuff as

SPOILER NEWS:  Clicking here will skip the spoiler section.


John Corben will fill in for a missing Clark Kent at the front of the season.  So Clark is missing again.  I have to wonder if they thought it worked once, so try it again?  I really hope not.  It's one thing to follow a popular formula and quite another to just plagiarize your own success.

Also of note is that at press time, Sam Witwer is not returning in any capacity to Smallville.  (Rumors were about that he might have been coming back in some other capacity.)



Spin-Off Noise

There's some noise about spin-offs and what not.  Some of that noise is from some folk getting a little too anxious and running with partial statements.  The noise is that there will be a spin-off of Kara / Supergirl.

First...  I would not mind watching Laura Vandervoort in the role of Kara but we are going to just have to settle for her playing a hot looking alien in ABC's V.

As far as touching on the premise of a Kara spin-off, she did say at one point in an interview with Ed Gross at Comic Book Movie (Lucky bastard) that:

"They had that in mind when I got the role. I was supposed to be a guest star for a few, then it turned into the whole season and there was talk of a spin-off. But it kind of fizzled out. They kind of went a different route with the network's shows, going more with the Gossip Girls type of show than the sci-fi."

The Excitement Builds

Things are starting to look interesting for the 9th season of Smallville.  With Callum Blue and Brian Austin Green climbing on board, I can only hope they bring it to the screen and make it exciting.  We all know we want to see Rosenbaum somehow return...  even if it did look like he blew up in an earlier episode, but in TV, anything is fixable.

I can't wait to see what else happens and who else they bring on board.

Any suggestions for cast or characters they should bring in?  Let us know.

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