Smallville Season 8 Plot Points

With Clark having gone missing in the finale of Smallville last season, the new season starts up of course - with Clark missing.

How do you find a missing superhero? Well, by having a bunch of superheroes look for him! Those heroes being what's coined as the return of the Justice League: Green Arrow, Aquaman and Black Canary. Alan Ritchson and Alaina Huffman will be reprising their respective roles of such, and we'll also be seeing Martian Manhunter, at least in the first episode. Here's seriously hoping they don't make a continuing travesty of any story line with Black Canary in it because I'm still having nightmares from the last episode that showcased / introduced her. Brr.

The NEW creative team of Smallville: Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, who were second stringers under Gough and Millar, are running with the familiar themes that we've come to know from the show's heyday. That tells me they're not going to over extend themselves and go outside the box they're comfortable with.

Despite the fact they say they're running the show as if Gough and Millars "voices are still talking to us in our heads", it does indeed seem as if they will be veering off the original adaptation path.

This new season will be dealing with Clark Kent's dual identity forming as he finally takes a job at the Daily Planet, at a desk across from Lois Lane and what I take as a clue that he will be flying: the creative team says that "all the Superman lore is going to come to fruition this year."

In my mind, The CW wants to see the classic outline of Superman on the screen, and the new team is following the network's whim rather than trying to stick to, or take their own adaptive approach to the storytelling Gough and Millar started.

I'll say they've gone outside their own adaptive boxes when they brought in Doomsday and "reimagined" him as starting out human, when in the "lore" they quote, he never was. But that's just me being picky.

If they truly try and turn to the classic lore we all know it might at least, be a bit fun to see everything we've learned with the new take combine or meld into the classic.

We'll see.

Source: TV Guide

Image Courtesy of The CW Smallville site

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