Smallville Comic-Con 2009 Panel

Panel attendees included Justin Hartley, Erica Durance, Kelly Souders, Tom Welling, Brian Peterson, Allison Mack, Cassidy Freeman & Callum Blue.

Smallville will be premiering season 9 on Friday, Sept 25th.  The DVD for season 8 will be coming out on August 25th.

Writing alum Jeff Loeb moderated, and did a great job,

We then saw the season 9 preview.

It started by saying a hero will rise, and we saw a lot of recap scenes, but then we saw a few from season 9.  Clark is wearing a suit folks.  But it's not red and blue.  It's black with a black "S" on the chest.  He looks like Neo from The Matrix, but he does wear it well.

"Batman" asked when he'll be on the show but they somehow managed not to answer the question, though they gave him Tom Welling's name tag.

Lois will be in many of the episodes in season 9.

At the time of auditions for Clark, the initial audition was for body size, then a script.  The first time, Welling needed to be prompted to go to the audition and he thought it was all about the man in the suit and then after reading the script, realized it was different.

Allison Mack said that Chloe was going to be a different ethnicity and threw them a loop when she showed up with attitude.

Callum Blue thought he was auditioning for a role named Mason.

Q: Is Lex really dead?  As we know from mythos, Lex is never really dead.

Tom Welling will be directing 2 episodes this year.  It's like 2 hands feeding one mouth, directing.  Allison said loves when Tom directs.  Very loving, excited approach.

Allison will also be directing this season.

Q:  Some are amazed about the slow progress of Clark's developing powers, but this flying only with a red kryptonite ring is getting old.  Will he be flying on his own?

Flying is addressed in the season premiere.

Geoff Johns will be writing an episode this year.

Callum Blue keeps getting asked to say "Kneel before Zod."  It's pretty good.

I didn't catch the question, but the girl asking Tom Welling said to take a long time answering so that Tom can keep staring at her.

He took a dramatic pause between each word and all we got was a sigh from the microphone at that point.

They don't have to stall with their story telling because they have 2 seasons of stories to tell.  Now whether they get to season 10, that's another question.

Metallo will be in the first 2 episodes.  We'll also be seeing the return of Toyman, Roullete and 2 new DC characters but they can't say who until the casting has been announced.

Green Arrow -  we'll be seeing a lot more of him in season 9.

They're doing some back story on Oliver Queen this upcoming season.  He'll hit rock bottom in the first episode.

About Getting Into Character:

Harltey gets into character by reading the script and finding what's the tale of the day.

Tom Welling just says the writers are so great, it's easy to get into character for shooting.

Allison Mack relates what's happening in the show with real world events and brings a kind of awareness to the character.

Callum Blue listens to hard core music and punches himself in the face a few times.

There don't seem to be any plans to bring Jimmy Olsen back.

Someone asked if there are any movie plans with this cast but rather than an answer, all the panel did was ask the audience if they wanted a movie.

They did that a lot with a lot of the questions asked.

And will Chloe have a love interest next season?  Chloe and Clark?  No, Chloe will not have anything going one with Clark because he's occupied with a few women in his life.  Chloe will be healing from Jimmy's passing in the front of the season, though it seems she'd like to have Justin Hartley in her life?  But that was more a wishful thought, considering the gleam in her eye.

This was Tom Welling's first ever Comic-Con appearance.  Knowing he's a rather private man, it showed to me this wasn't his perfect comfort zone.  But he did engage the audience well.  It was great to see everyone up on the panel.

Pictures will be coming soon!

As promised, check out some pictures I took at the panel:

Justin Hartley, Erica Durance, Kelly Souders and Tom Welling at Comic Con 2009 Smallville panel


Allison Mack, Cassidy Freeman and Callum Blue on Comic-Con 2009 Smallville panel


Tom Welling answering a question, very slowly,staring at the questioner.It was a good day for one fan.


Clark signing an autograph for Batman atthe 2009 San Diego Comic-ConSmallville panel.

Update (9/4/09):  Check out Clark's Superman look suit for season9 of Smallville.

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