Smallville: Clips & Pics From Friday’s “Warrior” Episode

Following up from last week's television movie event that was “Absolute Justice,” Smallville falls back to its normal routine with the return of the magic-laden Zatanna, Lois Lane dressed as Wonder Woman, an enchanted comic book and a thief turned superhero. All of which are directed by Chloe Sullivan herself, Allison Mack.

Originally set to air on January 29 as the second episode of the winter return, the upcoming episode ultimately was delayed after the Smallville winter premiere was pushed back a week for the Hope For Haiti telethon.

Entitled “Warrior,” let’s see what the episode description holds...

Clark (Tom Welling) meets Zatanna (guest star Serinda Swan) at a comic book convention, where she tells him her father charmed a copy of the comic book "Warrior Angel" and it holds magical powers. A young man named Stephen (guest star Carlo Marks) steals the comic book and develops super powers, transforming himself into Warrior Angel and saving Chloe (Allison Mack) from a horrible accident. Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) becomes jealous of Clark's relationship with Zatanna.

I always loved Zatanna as a character. Here’s hoping she still holds up after last week's epic performance from Doctor Fate.

Now, on to the clips. We’ve got a teaser trailer and clip from the episode. While the clip doesn’t really exude awesomeness, the trailer does get me a little excited about what’s to come this Friday.

“Warrior” – Trailer

Mirrored warrior clip

And finally, we’ve got some pictures from the episode… including Lois Lane (Erica Durance) dressed as Wonder Woman.

So, what say you? Does this look like a decent follow-up to “Absolute Justice?”

Will you be able to notice that Allison Mack directed this episode? Did you notice that Tom Welling directed the last half of “Absolute Justice?”

Don’t miss the “Warrior” episode of Smallville this Friday @8PM on The CW

Source: The CW

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