What The Cast Of Smallville Looks Like Now

These days, it seems like you can't turn on the television (or stream) any of a dozen popular comic book properties made into series. Back when Smallville hit the screen, it was somewhat rare for a comic book property to succeed in live-action.

Many series tried, but few attained the success Smallville did with its 10 seasons. This may have been due to the way the show was presented: Superman before he was Superman.

This allowed for the series to explore the many characters who graced the screen every week. While the show did suffer from a "monster of the week" problem for a while, it was also able to explore, in depth, the characters of Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, and many more.

Since the show went off the air, many of the cast members have gone onto different projects from film and television to various forms of theater. The show went off the air in 2011 after 218 episodes so we thought it would be fun to see what the main group of cast members looked like today.

We took a look at what these folks were up to and how they have changed so that we could bring you What The Cast Of Smallville Looks Like Now

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One of the obvious changes Michael Rosenbaum made when he took on the role of Alexander "Lex" Luthor for Smallville in 2001 was to shave his head. After all, would fans accept a Lex Luthor with a full head of hair? As evidenced by Batman v Superman, not really.

Rosenbaum embraced the character and portrayed him in a new light by making him both the greatest enemy to Clark Kent and his most trusted friend and confidant... at least for a while.

Rosenbaum didn't remain with the cast throughout the entire series run. He left the show after seven of its 10 seasons but returned for the series finale to reprise his role.

These days, Rosenbaum has let his hair grow out and is rocking stubble, which somehow makes the actor look a little younger today than he did 16 years ago. He has been working steadily since his time on Smallville and most recently had a role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.


Few actors could have embodied the young Clark Kent as well as Tom Welling. While he certainly has the acting chops to take on DC's original superhero, he also had the looks. Welling was toned and easily had the physical stature to portray the Boy of Steel, but he also has that "boy next door" look the producers were going for.

During the show, his look changed slowly over the seasons to accommodate his perceived aging, but he maintained his youthful look with longer hair than we are used to seeing in the character.

Since his time on the series, Welling has embraced a more dapper look more appropriate to his actual age. He tends to wear a full beard these days showing some gray.

Welling has continued to work in Hollywood since his time on Smallville, but spends much of his time in the producer chair. Most recently, he's portrayed Detective Marcus Pierce in the television adaptation of DC Vertigo's Lucifer.


When she was cast to play Lana Lang in Smallville, Kristen Kreuk was relatively unknown. Lang was the "girl next door" and the ideal love interest for Clark Kent, who couldn't get close to her without getting sick thanks to a pendant she wore made of Kryptonite.

Kreuk's obvious beauty made her an easy choice for the character, but that isn't to say the actress isn't incredibly talented to boot. She portrayed Lana through the seventh season and only returned as a guest star in later episodes, which helped to make room for the introduction of Lois Lane, Clark's "adult" love interest.

Kreuk's look hasn't changed very much since her time on the show. She still sports a similar hairstyle and while she is now into her mid-30s, she maintains a youthful look.

After leaving the series, Kreuk made several appearances in films and television series but spent most of her time in front of the camera playing Catherine Chandler on The CW's Beauty and the Beast.


Erica Durance made her Smallville debut in season four as Chloe's cousin who makes her way to Smallville to investigate the supposed death of Chloe. When she was brought onto the show, she was only meant to appear in four episodes, but things certainly changed as the series progressed. Just about anyone who has ever heard of the character Lois Lane knew she was to become Clark's primary love interest so it was interesting to see how the producers brought her onto the show.

Durance had been working in Hollywood in a number of one-off roles prior to getting cast as Lois (only three days before filming began). Since her time on the show, she has continued to appear in one-off roles in television but has recently been cast as Alura Zor-El in The CW's Supergirl. She also had a starring role in Saving Hope.

Her look hasn't changed much since Smallville as you can see from the images above - just some darker hair.


Allison Mack was cast to play Chloe Sullivan, a character who had not been featured in the comics prior to the show's debut. Originally, the character wasn't meant to be white - until Mack's casting

Her character was one of the driving forces behind story progression throughout the earliest seasons of the show. While Chloe had feelings for Clark, they were not reciprocated, but the two characters were close friends. Sullivan's desire to expose the truth behind the goings on in Smallville also brought her into conflict with Clark, but unlike most characters on the show, she remained for all 10 seasons.

Much of Mack's acting career existed prior to her casting on the series and while she has appeared in a few roles since the ending of Smallville, she hasn't spent much time in front of the camera. She had a recurring role on Wilfred playing Amanda, the love interest of Elijah Wood's character, for which she rocked some darker locks.


These days, it seems like television couldn't exist without Oliver Queen and the Arrowverse, but back when Justin Hartley was cast to play the character of the Green Arrow in season six, most viewers probably weren't familiar with the character.

Hartley's Queen was somewhat different than the source material and he was used in the sixth and seventh seasons to help Clark learn that fighting crime wasn't as black and white as he may have thought. Queen ran a small group of superheroes while Clark remained somewhat on the outside of his enterprises. Hartley was the producers first choice for the character and he played him incredibly well.

Hartley's work since leaving Smallville has seen him take on various recurring roles in television series ranging from The Young and the Restless to Revenge, with a current major role on the hit show This is Us.

He has adjusted with age like most of the men on this list to allow for some facial hair and a more ruggedly handsome look.


Laura Vandervoort was cast to play Kara, Clark's Kryptonian cousin - better known as Supergirl. She was brought into the sixth season and made additional appearances throughout seasons seven and eight, but wasn't a primary character throughout the later seasons of the series. Vandervoort returned in season eight to close out her character's storyline.

Like her cousin, she had the standard set of superpowers, but unlike Clark, she could fly. This was a bit of a lark since the producers initially promised Clark wouldn't fly but had no problem letting his cousin take to the skies.

Vandervoort was an easy choice to portray the character given her long blonde hair and beautiful features. She has continued to work steadily since leaving the show but usually appears in a similar look.

She was recently cast to play Indigo/Brainiac in a three-episode span of Supergirl playing alongside Melissa Benoist's version of the same character she played on Smallville


Where would Clark Kent be without his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent? Kent taught Clark what it meant to be human despite his alien origin, and he was played by John Schneider, who many remember from his days on the Dukes of Hazzard. 

Schneider continued to play the role until the series' 100th episode where he was killed off. Schneider was chosen for the role due to the producer's desire to have a recognizable face and someone who looked like he could have been a farmer.

Schneider has consistently worked in Hollywood playing various roles in film and television prior to Smallville and since his time on the series ended.

Though he is in his late 50s, he still looks much like the man who helped raise Clark Kent and doesn't appear to be close to stopping his time in front of the camera.


While Clark's father was certainly an important person in his life, he wouldn't have made it without his mother, Martha Kent. Annette O'Toole was cast to play Clark's mother making her an interesting choice given her casting as Lana Lang in Superman III.

O'Toole remained on the series into season six when she left to take a state-senate seat. This allowed for Clark to remain in the farmhouse and "grow up" without his mother present though she would continue to appear off and on as the show progressed.

O'Toole is seven years older than John Schneider, but you wouldn't know it to look at her when she played Martha Kent. The two looked like the perfect couple throughout both their time on the series.

These days, O'Toole tends to wear her hair in its natural state, though it is much shorter than it was during her time on Smallville.


When Michael Rosenbaum left the series, it became necessary to replace his character with a similar potential adversary. The show chose to go with Tess Mercer, Lex's handpicked successor to run LutherCorp in the eighth season. It is later revealed that Mercer was actually named Lutessa Lena Luthor at birth and was Lex's half-sister.

Though this wasn't revealed until the tenth season, this allowed the series to continue to have a Luthor at the head of the table and continued a link to the family while both Lex and his father were no longer on the show. Cassidy Freeman's Mercer was a beautiful, but powerful woman who ran the company successfully

Freeman has continued to work consistently since her time on Smallville though her look hasn't changed very much. She has worked in various film roles but is probably best known for portraying Cady Longmire in the television series Longmire.


Given that Clark Kent's primary rival has always been Lex Luthor, the show's introduction of his father, Lionel, was an interesting choice. Lionel was the primary antagonist who transformed Lex from the affable young man Clark saved and befriended into the cold and calculated villain we all know and love him as.

John Glover was cast in the role to portray an antithetical view of parenting when contrasted with Jonathan and Martha Kent. He was a ruthless businessman who maintained his long hair and beard throughout his time on the series.

John Glover has continued to work in Hollywood having several film roles since his time on Smallville. His look has changed somewhat to accommodate a giant mustache at one point, and the clean-shaven and bald picture we found above.


When the series began, Sam Jones III was cast to portray Pete Ross, one of Clark's best friends growing up. He was the first person Clark voluntarily told his secret to, but he didn't remain on the show for very long.

Other than a guest spot in season seven, Jones only remained for the first three seasons of the show. When he was cast, he was young and not the most muscular of people, which, as you can see from the image on the right, has changed.

Jones continued acting through 2010 but found himself in some legal trouble when he was convicted on drug charges. He was sentenced to 366 days in a federal penitentiary and served 10 months prior to release. Since he has gotten out, he has endeavored to continue his acting career.

His physique today is more akin to that of Superman, which may mean his days of playing a superhero sidekick are behind him.


Aaron Ashmore's time on Smallville began in season six when Jimmy Olsen started working at the Daily Planet as a photographer. He was also dating Chloe and was made a regular cast member for the remaining seasons of the show.

His character was eventually killed off, which may come as a shock to those who know of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, but it was revealed that he was actually Henry James Olsen, Jimmy's younger brother. Ashmore returned in the series finale to portray his character's brother, the true Jimmy Olsen who would go on to work with Clark and Lois.

Ironically, this isn't the first time Ashmore has played different versions of himself. He is an identical twin who is often confused with his brother Shawn Ashmore who is also a successful actor.

Since his time on Smallville, Ashmore has let his facial hair grow out and cut his hair back.


Ian Somerhalder wasn't on Smallville for long, but he did play a memorable character for seven episodes during the third season.

Somerhalder played Adam Knight, formerly known as Chad Nash. Knight was a resurrected teen who Lionel Luthor employed to spy on both Clark Kent and Lana Lang. Luthor resurrected him via the Lazarus Serum, which he was able to use to help control him for his nefarious purposes.

Interestingly, when the character first appeared on screen, the Internet was abuzz with the theory that he was a young Bruce Wayne, but that didn't turn out to be true.

Somerhalder's look hasn't changed very much since he appeared on Smallville. As a model, he has been able to maintain his looks and has kept pretty much the same appearance.

He has since played Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries and many know him from his time on Lost where he played Boone Carlyle.


If you took a look at Jensen Ackles and thought he could have played Clark Kent, you share something in common with the producers of the show. He was the second choice to play the show's lead and was later brought onto season four to play Lana's love interest, Jason Teague.

He followed Lana back to Smallville from Paris and began to teach at the high school as the assistant football coach, but was let go when his relationship with Lana was revealed.

Ackles was intended to continue working on the show into season five, but his character was written off the series to make room for his work on Supernatural, which he continues to star in.

Ackles has aged since his time on Smallville, but like most Hollywood hunks, he looks better with age. While he sometimes sports some facial hair, he generally looks just a bit more rugged than he did when he appeared on the show.


Which Smallville cast member do you think changed the most over the years? Let us know in the comments!

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