Smallville: 'Booster' Preview - Superhero Infomercials & Phone Booths

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Comic book mastermind Geoff Johns is once again bringing some of DC Comics' legendary superheroes to Smallville.

This week’s episode, entitled "Booster," will mark the first-ever appearance of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in Metropolis.

While Booster Gold will be an established superhero come from the future, this episode will serve as a proverbial origin story of Jamie Reyes transforming into Blue Beetle, after being fused to the infamous scarab. Unfortunately, Jamie Reyes' transformation into the superhero Blue Beetle isn’t going to come without problems.

With the scarab not fully adjusted to its new host, Reyes has a hard time controlling the Blue Beetle suit, and begins to tear apart the city. Fortunately, Booster Gold has arrived to save the day – or so his infomercial says. As the preview shows (see below), Booster Gold is making sure that everyone knows who the real man of steel is. With infomercial in hand, and some quick-timed “rescues,” Clark will soon realize just what being a superhero means.

“Booster” Preview:

Even though Clark will be sure to ditch the TV sales pitch and 1-800-number, Booster Gold allows Clark to see that the world needs a superhero that they can not only rely on, but one that they can also see. Given the moniker of “The Blur,” Clark begins to see where he has gone wrong.

While you shouldn’t expect to see Clark make the full transformation into Superman in this episode, you may be happy to see that Clark has begun to find more familiar places to make his superhero changes.

With only 3 episodes left before the Smallville series finale, let’s hope Cark begins to think about changing his costume as well. (Make sure to check out the Smallville series finale teaser at the bottom of the article.)

‘Booster’ Images:

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Smallville Series Finale Teaser:


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