Smallville: 10 Best Episodes, Ranked

Well before Captain America, Thor, Green Arrow or any of the shows or movies that has driven fans to the theaters or small screen, DC Comics, and the WB Network took the first step on the ledge with Smallville. The show told the story of a young Clark Kent and his struggles to become the most powerful hero known to man. Smallville broke barriers that the comic world didn't know existed and set the world up for the blockbusters we see today.

What made this show so special, was that it was different than what we were used to reading in the comics and the movies that came before it. But still, 10 seasons and 217 episodes was unheard of at the time. As a fan, can you say which were your favorite episodes withing giving yourself a headache? That was the beauty and why so many fans are still waiting for Tom Welling to reprise his role in one of the new DC shows. It was that good.

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Here are the top 10 Smallville episodes, ranked.

10 Justice (Season 6 Episode 11)

Say whatever you want, but Superman pairing with the Justice League was always a great situation. Even without the presence of Batman, what Smallville was able to do with Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow was awesome. Well before Marvel decided to hit us with their version of The Avengers, CW was busy breathing life into its best hero and his team.

Watching a young Clark Kent grow into Superman was awesome but seeing his team together for the first time, fighting off evil, was breathtaking, to say the least. "Justice" could very well be No. 1 on a lot of fans' list.

9 Arrival (Season 5, Episode 1)

The second meteor shower gave this epode a thrilling entry into its fifth season. However, "Arrival" was iconic because it gave Clark another shoulder to lean on. Throughout the years, keeping the secret was a heavy burden on himself and his family. The last real friend to find out was Pete but once Pete learned the truth, he left and we never saw him again. With Chloe now taking on that role as his best friend, this was huge.

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Chole learning was far more important than Lana or even Lois at that time because of what Chole would later become for the Justice League. For Chole, it happened twice. As twisted as Alicia was, she used Clarks' feeling for her to trick him just so Chole could see. But it wasn't until "Arrival" that Clark and Chloe had their best moment.

8 Exile (Season 3, Episode 1)

For every superhero show or movie we watch, there is always that question of what if. What if the heroes we love actually used their powers for bad? For Clark, he's known as the most powerful of them all but just imagine if Superman was evil. In "Exile" we got a full taste of what that would be like. After Clark runs away from home, he moves to Metropolis where he indulges in a life of crime thanks to red kryptonite. The good Clark we've come to love is no more and were left hoping he gets his act together.

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One of the best scenes in "Exile" was Jonathan going to Jor-El and asking for help to get their son back. At this point, this was a move of desperation and Jor-El didn't make it any easier with his bold proclamation that he was Clark's true father. It was a battle of wills and Jonathan was not about to win this battle. As for Jor-El, there is always a price to be paid. Jonathan shows up to bring Clark home and unbeknownst to Clark, Jonathan has a few tricks up his sleeve thanks to Jor-El blessing Jonathan with the same powers.

7 Rosetta (Season 2, Episode 17)

Clarke understands he's different by this point but "Rosetta" holds a special place in Smallville fans hearts and Superman's fans hearts. The big reason for that is Christopher Reeve. No matter who took on the Man of Steele mantle after him, Reeve, only concluded it to Tom Welling and that's why he made his appearance on the show.

For whatever reason, this made Smallville that more legit in the story of Clark Kent and Superman. Dr. Virgil Swann, played by Reeve broke down Clark's Krypton heritage. Besides the history lesson given, Smallville played this episode just right. It was a passing of the torch.

6 Crusade (Season 4, Episode 1)

This episode was like a house guest who comes over for the weekend, fixes your TV and anything else broke in the house and you give them a set of keys. "Crusade" didn't have too many special things going on but it introduced the second most important character to the Superman story, Lois Lane. We could argue that Lex is just as important, but we all know, that Superman was also driven by love.

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The Lois storyline was only supposed to last a rumored 4 episodes as the creators weren't sure when to add her to the main story. But the chemistry was there and she made it through the final seven seasons. It was a good call as the story was already slightly altered with Lex, so why not add another dimension?

5 Homecoming (Season 10, Episode 4)

One of the best episodes for Smallville. Clark knew that he was meant for great things but for him to actually see it, was something special. This was also a telling moment for Clark's and Lois' relationship as well. Smallville, as serious as the show was, was not short on its funny moments. One of the best scenes in "Homecoming" was the elevator scene with present Clark and future Clark. While heading up to the Daily Planet there was a quick three-second glance over that each Clark gave to the other.

As present Clark reaches the DP, he sees for the first time what he will become as Superman flies in to save the day. But it wasn't until he heard Lois' voice over the scanner that it all began to make sense for him.

4 Finale (Season 10, Episode 21/22)

The last episode has to make this list. And while there are others who may have a slight chance at taking its place, think again. How can we sit here and leave this one off the list? 10 seasons of a story finally coming to an end. There was nothing left out and if we wish to compare it to other geats shows and their last stand, no one did it better. The one thing we all wanted to know coming in was, would Clark finally fly?

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The one disappointment in "Finale" was that we never got the Clark and Lois wedding. We were left with the understanding that it would take place but to be robbed of that, left some of us a bit angry. But we understand that it was done for the greater good as Clark, full Superman by now, was 100 percent fine with his job as the worlds' savior.

3 Descent (Season 7, Episode 16)

It was not about flying or superpowers for "Descent." This was the episode fans have craved for between Lex Luthor and Clark Kent. Without Clark fully knowing it, this was the real moment he became Superman. After Lex killed Lionel, the Lex that Clark knew was no longer. Lex confronted Clark regarding why Lionel paid Clark the type of attention he did and why he abandoned Lex.

At that moment on the ranch, Clark saw Lex for who he was and Lex's delusions about who Clark was came to light. It was a standoff that neither really wanted but knew had to happen. Clark being the good guy at heart, gave the relationship one more chance to be mended at Lionels's funeral but Lex, now cold to the idea, told us (fans) that the war was on. As both stood there at the grave, there was a moment where something could've been said but Lex walked right past Clark.

2 Reckoning (Season 5, Episode 12)

The most emotional episode in Smallville's history on three different levels. We've waited five seasons for this moment and Smallville did not disappoint. "When will Lana find out?" That was the question we asked the TV many times before "Reckoning" aired. As Clark let go of his fear, he finally decided to come clean to Lana about who he really is. The flip side of that is, Lana had already pieced a bit of the puzzle together.

What made this episode so great, is that no one saw what was coming next. With this move, this was Clark declaring his love for Lana but then it came at the ultimate cost. Lana was later killed in a car crash and to save her life, Clark made a deal with his birth father, Jor-El. The deal was to bring Lana back but in order for that to happen a sacrifice had to be made. We would soon find out, that sacrifice was his Earth father, Jonathan Kent. For Clark to lose his father, it changed him forever. But it was the funeral that sent those goosebumps and set the emotion for the final seasons.

1 Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1)

We didn't know what to expect. And for that reason alone, "Pilot" is the No. 1 ranked episode in Smallville history. The understanding that this was a story of young Clark Kent told a percentage of what was to come. Think back, as far as we can remember, Clark and Lex were enemies. However, CW took a leap of faith and twisted the story that made so much sense. What if they grew up together and actually became friends? Would comic buffs be upset with that?

"Pilot" was brilliantly done and left fans wanting more. This was not the normal Superman story we were used to growing up. But 10 seasons later, we watched the credits roll and knew that the initial episode has set the standard.

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