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The Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover continues to give Arrowverse fans a slew of behind-the-scenes photos, as Elizabeth Tulloch (Lois Lane) shares one with Smallville's Erica Durance. Though Crisis on Infinite Earths won't air until this December and January, viewers already have plenty of reasons to be excited about it. The crossover will be the biggest one ever attempted by The CW, with ArrowSupergirlThe FlashLegends of TomorrowBatwoman, and Black Lightning all taking part. Several guest stars with prior connections to the DC world will be featured. These include Burt Ward, who's known for his work as Robin in the Batman TV series; John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen in the '90s version of The Flash; and Batman: The Animated Series star Kevin Conroy, who will play an older version of Bruce Wayne.

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Characters from Superman will also play a big role in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Besides Tulloch and Durance, both of whom play Lois Lane, the five-hour event will feature three different Supermans. Brandon Routh, who plays Ray Palmer/the Atom on Legends of Tomorrow, will suit up as Kingdom Come Superman. Last month, The CW shared a photo of Routh's Kingdom Come Superman costume. Tom Welling, who played Superman on Smallville, will also have a role, reuniting him with co-star Durance. Finally, the Arrowverse's own Superman, Tyler Hoechlin, will be a part of the crossover as well. He and Tulloch were last seen in 2018's Elseworlds event.

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On Instagram, Tulloch shared the behind-the-scenes photo with Durance earlier today. She captioned the picture: "The New Adventures of Lois and Lois." Guest stars have shared several photos since filming began on Crisis on Infinite Earths, especially those playing characters from Superman. Durance kicked things off by sharing a photo with Welling on the Kent Farm. Tulloch later shared a photo from the same location with Welling and Hoechlin. Soon after, Routh treated fans to a picture with Hoechlin in front of a sign for the Daily Planet. In it, both actors are dressed as Superman. Take a look at Tulloch's Lois Lane photo with Durance below:

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The New Adventures of Lois and Lois 💜

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Tulloch made her Arrowverse debut as Lois Lane with Elseworlds, though Hoechlin's Superman had appeared before on Supergirl. At the end of Elseworlds, both characters left Earth to raise their unborn child in Argo City. It's expected that their baby will already be born at the time of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Durance, meanwhile, joined Smallville in season 4 as a recurring guest, before eventually becoming a series regular. She continued playing Lois Lane until the series concluded in 2011 with season 10.

Though fans are excited about the various Superman characters appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths, no one knows how big of a role they'll play in the overall story. With so many main characters and guest stars to service during the crossover, it's unknown if actors like Durance and Tulloch will merely have cameos or more substantial roles. It seems likely that the Arrowverse characters will feature more prominently than those from Smallville. Tulloch and Hoechlin will probably continue to appear in the Arrowverse for years to come, while Durance and Welling's involvement seems more like a one-time thing. However, no matter how much the Superman characters, including Lois Lane, appear in the crossover, Arrowverse fans should be excited for what's to come.

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