10 Things Smallville's Season 11 Comic We Want To See Referenced In Arrowverse's Crisis On Infinite Earths

Smallville is officially participating in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover with all of the Arrowverse shows. The Clark Kent drama has been defined as the series that paved the way for many of the DC TV shows that exist today with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and more. Tom Welling and Erica Durance are officially reprising the roles of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the highly anticipated five-hour event. Filming is currently underway in Vancouver, Canada as Welling and Durance have reunited on set.

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The crossover will reveal what happened to them eight years after Smallville came to an end. While the show did finish its ten-year run in 2011, Smallville writer Bryan Miller brought the series back in a comic continuation that became Season 11. Recently, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed that Season 11 will be considered canon for the crossover. Though the EP stressed the events won’t be “directly” referenced. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t hear about the big adventures that Clark has been through Season 11. These are ten things we want to see referenced from Smallville Season 11 during the Crisis crossover.

10 Clark’s Relationship With Green Lantern

In one of the main stories, titled “Lantern”, Clark meets John Stewart, aka Green Lantern. Through their adventures, the Man of Steel and the Emerald Knight become allies as the Smallville universe began exploring the Green Lantern mythology. In the Elseworlds crossover, Earth-90 Flash (John Wesley Shipp) hinted at John Diggle (David Ramsey) being a Lantern in his universe, hence as John Stewart Diggle. How great would it be if the Stewart that Clark works with on his Earth actually is another Diggle doppelganger? That would be a way for Smallville and Arrow to have a special connection.

9 The Death of Impulse

Before The CW had Barry (Grant Gustin), Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), and Jay, Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner) was the Flash/Impulse for Smallville. While he only appeared in three episodes, Bart gets a big arc in the third storyline “Haunted.” In that story, Bart ends up dying in a battle against the Black Flash. It’s later revealed in Season 11 that Bart was actually from the future, something fans of the show had speculated for a long time.

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It’s unknown if Clark has met Barry or Wally on his Earth. Assuming that Gustin’s Barry will be the first time Welling’s Clark ever meets a Barry, it would be a big thing if Clark references the Flash on his Earth. Given The Flash has yet to introduce Impulse, it would be intriguing to see how Earth-1 Barry reacts to who Bart is and what happens to him.

8 Clark's Relationship With Wonder Woman

While Diana Prince has only been briefly hinted at in the Arrowverse, Season 11 introduces Wonder Woman into the Smallville universe. In the story arc titled “Olympus”, Clark officially befriends the iconic heroine as they team-up against the villainous Felix Faust. Since Earth-1 has yet to introduce a Wonder Woman to our Arrowverse heroes, having Clark reference her would be a big deal. The show was never allowed to use Diana because of the film division at Warner Bros. not allowing it.

7 Tess "Lena Luthor" Mercer's Resurrection

Cassidy Freeman portrayed Tess Mercer in the last three seasons before being revealed to be Lena Luthor, Lex’s (Michael Rosenbaum) half-sister. After Lex kills her in the series finale, Season 11 brought Tess back in a surprising way. In Season 11, we learn that Tess’ conscience had survived in Lex’s mind after using a Neurotoxin to erase all of Lex’s memories in the series finale. Later on, Tess got saved by Clark and his friends as she was brought out of Lex’s mind and got resurrected in a cybernetic form.

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She later began joining the heroes as the Red Tornado. Whether or not Katie McGrath’s Lena from Supergirl will be in the crossover remains to be seen. But if she is, imagine Clark seeing how Tess/Lena turned out in another universe. How would Earth-38 Lena feel about what happens to another version of her in a different universe?

6 Clark's Short Adventures As Green Lantern

Assuming there is any Green Lantern action in the crossover; Clark should bring up his experience of having been a temporary Emerald Knight. In “Lantern”, a power ring from the space sector 2813 actually makes its way to Clark and chooses him to be a Green Lantern. It’s one of the best aspects of that story while Clark was getting to know John. A reference like this though would most likely be a quick dialogue which would still be fun.

5 Teen Titans

In one of the Season 11 side stories, we learn about the Teen Titans actually being a thing in the Smallville universe. This team consists of several young heroes that the show introduced such as the Wonder Twins, Mia Dearden/Speedy, Superboy, Blue Beetle and more.

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The Arrowverse doesn’t really have young heroes working as a team. But the idea could be explored by having Clark reference the Titans back on his world.

4 Clark's Relationship With Batman

While Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman exists on Earth-1, he has been missing for over three years. Little is known about his Earth-38 counterpart over on Supergirl. In the second big storyline of Season 11, titled “Detective”, Clark officially meets Batman that starts with the heroes at odds before becoming allies. The story introduces the Dark Knight mythology into the Smallville continuity. For fans of the show, it was a big win for this Superman to finally meet Batman.

Just like Wonder Woman, the series was never allowed to use Batman because of WB’s film division.  The executives at that division believed it’d be “confusing” for fans to see two versions of Batman at the same time. Times have, very obviously, changed since then so for Welling’s Clark to reference his dynamic with Batman would mean a lot to long-time Smallville fans.

3 Clark's History With The Monitors

Given that the crossover will be heavily focused on LaMonica Garrett’s Monitor and Anti-Monitor, Clark will have a unique experience to bring to the table. After several teases and setups throughout Season 11, the comic finishes off with the storyline “Continuity” as Superman and his allies take on the Monitors. This was Season 11’s way of doing its own take on the iconic Crisis story. This puts Clark in a rare position from the Arrowverse as he’ll have experiences of dealing with a crisis like this.

2 Justice League

While they could never refer to themselves as the Justice League, Season 11 is where they finally got to fully become the iconic DC team. In the final story arc “Continuity”, we get plenty of Justice League actions as well as the team finally being given that name. Currently, Earth-1 has only hinted at the proper Justice League concept. How massive would it be if Clark, when he meets the Arrowverse heroes, name drops the League and perhaps inspires the Earth-1 heroes to dub the team with that name? It’d be very symbolic to have the Superman, from the show that opened the doors for these shows to happen, declare them as the Justice League.

1 Darkseid

While viewers of the final season had mixed reactions to how the show adapted Darkseid, Season 11 fleshes out the famous baddie. In the side story “Chaos”, Lois and Clark accidentally get transported to Earth-Omega. In this world, Darkseid actually managed to have Apokolips collide with this Earth. The Man of Steel eventually meets Darkseid who remembers their first encounter clear as day. Darkseid reveals that there is no other version of him in the entire Multiverse. Currently, the Arrowverse has never referenced Darkseid.

Whether or not Darkseid is allowed to appear in a DC TV show remains to be seen. However, with Crisis being the culmination for the current phase of the Arrowverse, the next chapter will need to build up to an even bigger threat. Could it perhaps be Darkseid? What if one of Clark’s big tasks in this crossover is to warn our heroes about Darkseid? It wouldn’t be surprising if the coming crossovers do build-up to a Darkseid storyline. If so, have Clark be the one to place the seed for that.

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