Smallville Star Kristin Kreuk Open For Lana to Return in Animated Revival

Kristin Kreuk in Smallville

Smallville star Kristin Kreuk has expressed interest in returning to the role of Lana Lang if The CW's Superman prequel series was ever revived in animated form. The idea was first floated by Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum, who starred as Clark Kent and Lex Luthor on the series, respectively.

Launched in 2001, Smallville told the story of a young Clark Kent and his journey to become Superman. While following a strict "no tights, no flights" rule, the series spent its first four seasons exploring Clark's high school years, his struggles with accepting his powers, his budding friendship with his soon-to-be nemesis Lex Luthor, and his romance with Lana. Later seasons delved into the character's career as a journalist at the Daily Planet and introduced various DC superheroes, including Green Arrow and Aquaman. The series ended after its 10th season in 2011, but there has always been hope for a future revival.

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At Awesome Con in April, Michael Rosenbaum talked about his wish to do an animated Smallville series and mentioned that one of the things that appealed to him was the fact that he wouldn't have to shave his head to play Lex again. Kristin Kreuk told Comic Book that, though she wasn't aware of an idea to revive Smallville as a cartoon, it could be "a lot of fun". Kreuk also acknowledged that the idea would make things more convenient for the actors, citing Rosenbaum's dislike for shaving his head over the course of his seven seasons on the show.

"Michael wouldn't want to shave his head again, I'm fairly certain. But yeah, that would be a lot of fun. I haven't seen those guys in a long time."

Tom Welling Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville

Kreuk also talked about how much she enjoys being back at The CW for the legal drama series, Burden of Truth, which is currently in its second season. Aside from Smallville and Burden of Truth, Kreuk also starred in The CW's Beauty and the Beast, which lasted for four seasons. On Smallville, however, the Canadian actress played Clark Kent's main love interest for the first seven seasons. Lana returned in season 8 for a five episode arc that wrapped up her storyline and saw her leave Smallville - and Clark - for good. Lana's exit from the show allowed for Clark to finally move on and begin a relationship with his comic book love interest, Lois Lane, played by Erica Durance.

In recent years, The CW has demonstrated a willingness to create animated shows about DC superheroes for its digital streaming service, CW Seed. So far, the network has produced three cartoons based on DC characters: Vixen, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and Constantine: City of Demons. All three are set in the Arrowverse alongside The CW's live-action DC shows. Though Smallville was a precursor to the Arrowverse, and therefore has no real connection to it, the series could still take place in a separate world. However, with all the talk of an Arrow-Smallville crossover and the existence of alternate universes, the show could fit right in on CW Seed.

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Source: Comic Book

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