Smallville: 'Absolute Justice' Was A Ratings Hit

Whether you loved it or hated it (I loved it), there’s no doubt that the Smallville television movie event, "Absolute Justice", was a ratings juggernaut for The CW as it broke all records by pulling in 2.8 million viewers, not only making it the highest-rated episode of the season, but also giving The CW the best Friday night that they've had since 2008.

Who said that hyping up the Smallville audience over the past couple of month wouldn’t pay off? Things are looking good for the superhero series, but until The CW officially gives Smallville another season, who knows.

Although, they did open things up quite a bit as "Absolute Justice" not only brought a slew of great characters (bring back Doctor Fate!), but also gave Martian Manhunter back his powers and spread news of Lex Luther still being alive.

If you’ve yet to see the television movie, I suggest you seek it out and then check out our "Absolute Justice" Review & Discussion as the debate is getting pretty heated over there. While no news of a re-airing has been announced The CW tends to put up full episodes of Smallville on their website. Here’s hoping they chose to put up "Absolute Justice" in its entirety.

Is there any chance Smallville won't get another season? Anyone willing to make odds on Michael Rosenbaum returning to the show?

Don't forget to catch this week's episode of Smallville directed by Allison Mack (Chloe) entitled "Warrior."

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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